Service providers, you have a problem. Although much of the infrastructure in your optical transport networks continues to function, major challenges within your legacy SONET/SDH network architecture have become a significant barrier to growth.

Your existing SONET/SDH networks can’t scale to meet the demands of Ethernet and IP multimedia traffic as well as bandwidth-intensive apps and services. In addition, many of your SONET/SDH networks are operating at near maximum capacity and legacy devices, including the aging cross-connects, are not only experiencing higher failure rates they are also approaching their end of life. Spares to fix them are hard to obtain and the high cost to maintain SONET/SDH networks due to space, power, and cooling costs contribute to higher opex.

It’s time to modernize your network and you need a transport network modernization strategy that lowers TCO while meeting next-generation requirements for efficiency, speed, scalability, and performance.

networkmodIn our recently published E-Book, A Roadmap for Transport Network Modernization, we discuss the challenges service providers face with modernizing their legacy SONET/SDH networks. The E-Book is comprehensive; we cover a range of topics and we address the concerns across your organization – from the CXO to the transport network engineer to the IP network architect and finally to the OSS and NOC managers. We examine both the business and technology requirements of transport networks today and into the next decade.  Although the ultimate goal in a modernization project is to transition to an all-packet network, most of you need to maintain the revenue stream provided by your existing TDM services. Therefore we present a thorough evaluation of the technology options that support both legacy TDM services together with IP services.

We conclude the E-Book with a look at the Cisco transport modernization solution. We’ll show you how our next-generation approach, using Cisco’s high-density circuit-emulation (CEM) technology, provides you with a cost-effective network modernization path, while still supporting ongoing TDM services requirements. Built on an IP/MPLS core, our next-generation transport network becomes predictable and deterministic, while still providing SONET/SDH-like features, such as OAM and manageability along with sub-50ms resiliency. Supported by industry standards, our solution is also invisible to end customers, with no new customer premise equipment required.

You get exactly what you need today to modernize, scale, trim OpEx and optimize CapEx, and future-ready your transport network. Best of all, our solution lets you evolve towards metro Ethernet, Layer 3 VPNs, and full IP transport whenever you’re ready.

Are you ready to modernize your network? Find out how with A Roadmap for Transport Network Modernization.

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Greg Smith

Sr. Manager, Marketing

Cisco Solutions Marketing