Guest Blog by Igor Dayen, SP Product and Solutions Marketing

In this video interview, Jorge Salinger, Comcast’s Vice President of Access Architecture, explains how DOCSIS 3.1 and the Cisco cBR-8 will enable Comcast to meet bandwidth demands and service group growth. With the cBR-8 platform, headends and cable modems can support multi-gigabit rate from the start. Comcast plans to deploy DOCSIS 3.1 throughout its markets where they need capacity the most.

Business Challenges

Every day, more and more subscribers are added to the network and the need for greater bandwidth grows. Supporting an ever-increasing number of subscribers as well as managing their SLAs requirements can be a real challenge. MSO’s like Comcast can meet the challenge by deploying the Cisco cBR-8, the first integrated CCAP product designed for DOCSIS 3.1. The Cisco cBR-8 ensures that MSO’s can address the network demands of today and tomorrow.

MSOs and Service Group Segmentation

Using service group segmentation, MSOs increase capacity and help to reduce the overall cost of network upgrades, while extending fiber closer to the premises. They leverage the availability of CCAP to support multiple services. With a single box, less equipment is required at the headend. The Cisco cBR-8 allows MSO’s to operate with greater agility, which is very important for service providers who are continually looking to cut operating costs and realize new revenue streams.


Greg Smith

Sr. Manager, Marketing

Cisco Solutions Marketing