On June 7th of this year, Cisco’s Visual Networking Index released its annual Global Traffic and Service Adoption forecasts, for the years 2015-2020. The reports predict fixed and mobile IP traffic growth, as well as application trends for the next few years. Some of the topics covered in the report include how fast IP traffic is growing on a global scale and which regions are growing the fastest, as well as how various devices, from smartphones to tablets to the Internet of Things, impact that growth. But the question is, how do these forecasts impact you? That’s the topic of our next #CiscoChat, on Thursday, June 30th at 10am PT.

CIS_218_CiscoChat_VNI_Twitter_060716 (1)

There, we’ll joined by several key members of Cisco’s SP Thought Leadership Team, including Director Thomas Barnett (@tlb707), Senior Analyst Arielle Sumits (@ariellesumits), Senior Analyst Shruti Jain (@shjain), Senior Analyst and Service Marketing Provider Usha Andra (@AtUandra), and Research Analyst Taru Khurana (@TaruKhurana). They’ll answer your questions and address issues such as how broadband speeds are improving to meet consumer demands and the role of Wi-Fi in extending the reach of SP services and offloading cellular bandwidth demand.

To participate in the chat:

  • Make sure you’re logged into your Twitter account.
  • Search for the #CiscoChat hashtag and click on the Live tab.
  • The chat will be moderated by the Cisco VNI Forecast channel (@CiscoVNI) on Twitter. Be sure to follow the account to participate. They will begin welcoming guests at 10am PT (1pm ET) and posting questions for discussion.
  • For @ replies to specific participants in the discussion, please use a “.” at the beginning of the tweet, so that your question or comment will appear in your public twitter feed.
  • If you need multiple tweets to answer a question, please preface each tweet with “1A, 2A,” etc. in order to make it easier for others to follow along with the conversation.
  • Be sure to use the #CiscoChat hashtag at the end of each tweet, so that others can find your contributions to the discussion.

Don’t forget to bring your own questions to the discussion as well! See you there!


Thomas Barnett, Jr.

Director, SP Thought Leadership

Worldwide Service Provider Marketing Group