Hi there, Morgan here – a new face to some of you; an old face to others. Either way, you’re going to be seeing a lot of me, both at the Cable-Tec Expo next week, and in general. Why, because I’m happy and grateful to be picking up the reins as VP of Cable and Media from my friend and colleague, Marc Aldrich.

As that guy, I wanted to share with you my quick take on what’s happening in our booth and around the Expo in Atlanta – my home turf. First of all, the weather: The good news is, we won’t be hunkering down under a hurricane next week. We won’t be sweltering (like we are this week), either. I’m no meteorologist, but, it’s looking like the SCTE will arrive during a mighty fine weather week down here in the ATL.

Second, the overall vibe: I think part of the buzz this year is going to be about the multi-network world we’re living in. Beyond the usual industrial quest for capacity, bandwidth, and multi-Gig speeds, new networks are springing up that are going to need care and feeding, one way or another, too: 5G, both friend and foe. Multi-clouds, comprised of private and public cloud resources. The IoT, the sensors that are helping cities become smarter, and the low power wide area networks (LP-WANs) that connect those devices and sensors over long distances.

In our booth, you’ll find lots of cool stuff, which will be detailed in blogs that come after this one, but as a preview: The first ever (we believe) FDX-ready node. Our Cloud Native Broadband Router, which we (handily!) call the “cnBR.” A DOCSIS licensing manager, called Infinite Broadband Unlocked, designed to track and scale licensing costs.

That, plus our sustained commitment to all-IP networks, distributed access architectures (DAA) and remote PHY – and how all of those developments impact HFC and core network infrastructure.

All in, Cisco@Expo will be a showcase of how we’re advancing traditional “cable” networks for a new era of networking, fueled by SDN, cloud and virtualization. Come by and see us! I and we are ready to take you for a spin around the booth (#1603) and our contributions to our collective future. See you next week!


Morgan Bondon

Vice President

Americas Service Provider