Digitization is critical for businesses everywhere – and the opportunity for service provides lies in their ability to enable it. This is why it requires a new approach to networking that is simpler, more efficient, and enables carriers to grow their business.

See for yourself…

  • Global IP traffic will triple in the next five years,
  • While mobile traffic will explode by 10 by 2019
  • Additionally, 86% of IT services will be hosted in multiple clouds.

As a networking leader, Cisco offers carrier solutions based on three key innovations in its Open Network Architecture.

These are telemetry and data analytics, programmable network elements – both physical and virtual, and Segment Routing.

How do they work together?

Telemetry and analytics is about knowing, in real-time, what is happening in the network and being able to act on it.  Maybe it’s about re-routing traffic around congestion before it happens to keep your customers happy.

Programmability means that automated processes can now change and configure the network without manual control. Whether it’s about adding a new service, or running a virtualized assurance application programmability is about making software defined networking a reality.

Segment Routing – an industry standard led by Cisco ensures that an application can now tell the network what it needs to work in a seamless and scalable manner.  For example, financial data between two banks will require low latency and highly available performance and can be guided as a high-priority flow in the most effective way – without manual configuration.

These three components are available in the Cisco IOS-XR operating system.

The result is a network constantly adapting to ensure optimal transport of customer data, already demonstrating their effectiveness among major operators:

  • 52% lower  TCO (blended)
  • 54% higher – operational efficiency through automation
  • 49% of transport costs across data center and WAN convergence

Together, let’s build the most innovative network….

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Greg Smith

Sr. Manager, Marketing

Cisco Solutions Marketing