A year ago we introduced the Cisco Quantum Software suite based on an architectural construct of an automated, closed loop – linking network, analytics and policy – to help Mobile Operators better optimize and monetize their network investments.  We announced the network abstraction, analytics, policy and self-optimizing network (SON) platforms. At the Mobile World Congress 2014, we are expanding the software suite in several ways:

Cisco Quantum SON for Small Cells

We’re taking the industry’s most deployed and proven SON solution for multi-vendor, multi-technology macro radio and extending that to multi-vendor Small Cells. This is an industry first.

As the industry evolves, Small cells – 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi – will far outnumber macro base stations and are quickly becoming a requirement for broad coverage and capacity at the lowest cost per bit. But some of these benefits are wasted if small cells are not seamlessly coordinated with the rest of the radio network.
By supporting small cells, Cisco Quantum SON now enables true heterogeneous access and seamless experience. And being multi-vendor, operators can include their existing small cell investments, unifying the entire radio network into a single intelligent entity.

In fact, I would say that SON is an enabler for small cells – Operators can now deploy small cells with confidence The same zero-touch, automated SON capabilities for macro can now be seamlessly extended to small cells – with complete harmonization and coordination.

This represents another proof point of how Cisco is delivering on automated closed loop functionality! The result is reduced opex and reduced capex for operators and improved quality of experience for end users.
Quantum Services Platform

Virtualization and orchestration technologies are enabling us to introduce a disruptive platform in the GiLAN domain – the Cisco Quantum vGi-LAN eliminates the need for dedicated, function-specific appliances in the GiLAN and provides operators flexibility to dynamically add or customize applications. At the same time, it enables an infrastructure for Network Function Virtualization.

We are bringing the platform to market with three areas of focus:

  • Virtualized network functions such as NAT, Firewall and DPI
  • Monetization applications such as content filtering, sponsored data
  • Optimization applications such as video and web optimization

And of course, all of this sits on top of a virtualized platform with orchestration across multiple applications from Cisco and its partners. Virtual. Elastic. Open.

We are very excited with the potential of this platform to simplify and scale the GiLAN.

The glue that connects everything, the Cisco Quantum Services Bus, or QSB.

Extending from our successful Quantum Policy platform, we are now introducing the Quantum Services Bus. QSB is the “virtual glue” the enables a service provider to link its assets from access to edge to packet core to policy and vGiLAN, allowing one part of the network to communicate with another to enhance subscriber experience.

QSB also provides a common API framework for creating monetization and optimization use cases and unique Any to Any mapping of capabilities across disparate platforms

A great use case of QSB is  “Radio Aware Traffic Management” – in which QSB can link SON, Policy and Packet Core for real time management of network congestion and applications – congestion can trigger subscriber-specific traffic throttling, video optimization or WiFi offload!

These are just some of the ways Cisco is working with service providers to unleash the intelligence of the network.  Looking forward to sharing more innovations with you!


Shailesh Shukla

Vice President and General Manager

Software and Applications Group, Cisco