We live in an era marked by significant market disruptions and rising uncertainty. As organizations and decision-makers grapple with unprecedented economic, social, and technological changes, our Global Service Providers are at the forefront of digitization and network transformation.

They are faced with challenges that have ballooned more quickly than many were prepared for due to the Covid-19 pandemic, such as: increasing consumer demand for innovative and seamless experiences with little to no latency or downtime, rising infrastructure costs, looming security threats, and unavoidable hybrid workplace requirements.

Service Provider Summit EMEAR The next two to three years will be a defining period as the landscape around our Service Providers rapidly changes, and we’ve taken the opportunity to host our first-ever virtual EMEAR Service Provider Summit from 8-10 February 2022 to share insights and learnings on three key areas:

Transformation Through Innovation: The Internet for the Future is here, and the efficiency gains are enormous, through multi-dimensional convergence of both services and layers onto a single, ultra-programmable, secure network, providing the foundation for the Sustainable Service Provider of the future. In partnership with Cisco Experience, this complex transformation can be made smoothly and efficiently.

The Future of Hybrid Cloud: This brings in flexibility to combine the performance and security of the service provider private cloud with the scale and versatility of the public cloud connected via a highly programable and secure transport infrastructure. This flexibility allows applications or functions to be located in the most optimised locations (from a performance, scale, security, and data sovereignty perspective) with end-to-end orchestration and encompassing Full Stack Observability.

Embracing the Hybrid Workplace: With hybrid work here to stay, employees working from home require the same reliable, quick, and secure enterprise-grade connectivity they used to enjoy at the office. Empowering your workforce isn’t just a way to improve performance, increase efficiency, and reduce costs – it’s also how you better serve your customers. Learn more on how you can develop your employees’ skills and attract new talent to bring value to your customers using our workforce enablement products and services.

Creating a more inclusive future through sustainability

An inclusive future takes everyone into account, including future generations.

Did you know that two to three percent of all global power consumption and energy footprint comes from the Information and Communication industry? Cisco along with our Service Providers has an opportunity to be among the world’s biggest drivers for change.

Throughout the event, we will also focus on sustainability. Cisco has set long-term goals to address the environmental impacts from our products and business operations, and we will showcase the many ways in which we are working with our Service Providers to provide social value, help reach their sustainability goals, and limit the impact on the environment.

At Cisco, this is done in part by building sustainable operations and taking advantage of our efficient supply chain, reducing environmental impact with renewable energy, using low-waste recyclable materials, energy-efficient products, and creating a portfolio of technology built from the ground up for better productivity and longevity.

By working together, we can find solutions for even our most complex problems. Through our collective efforts and shared knowledge, we can all make incredible progress in meeting our sustainability goals.

Shaping the Future Together

I’m very excited as we intend for this three-day event to be enjoyable and insightful. The team here at Cisco has been working diligently to put together a one-of-a-kind experience filled with business impact sessions, innovation talks, industry-leading guest speakers, meet-the-expert sessions, and more.

If you haven’t registered yet, don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to join us for the EMEAR Service Provider Summit 2022. Register now to accelerate your innovation and shape the future together!


Adam MacHale

Vice President, Service Provider

Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA)