The world is going digital. And networking is going virtual. For service providers, it’s both a challenge and an opportunity.

It all starts with shifting customer demands. Consumers want more video. Businesses want services on demand.

And by 2020 there will be an estimated 24 billion devices connected to the Internet of Things – smart homes, smart cities, smart cars, even entire manufacturing chains.

It’s a future of new models of consumption and expanding revenue opportunities.

But delivering on existing networks will be complex and costly.

So how can you take advantage and experience all the benefits, not just escalating costs?


At Cisco we believe the future is virtualisation. Smart networks that enable simple, agile and automated creation of new services and applications.


It could be consumers creating their own bespoke entertainment packages.

An app store of business applications.

Or virtual networks dedicated and optimised for the Internet of Things.

Virtualisation means you can be ready for the future. Not left behind. Or overtaken by competitors.


Cisco’s unrivaled knowledge of Service Providers means we lead the industry in bridging the gap between physical and virtual networking.

We give you a complete end-to-end solution.

Infrastructure, virtualised network functions and advanced operations.

Simplifying the day-today, increasing performance and lowering your costs.

And it’s the most extensive orchestration ecosystem available.

Meaning you can continuously innovate to deliver new services, all while ensuring pervasive security.

So you can differentiate your business, meet new demands and explore new business models.


Cisco is already working with market-leading service providers to move forward with virtualisation.

Helping them use the potential of programmable networks to create innovative, business-driving customer propositions.

Together, let’s get your network ready for the future.

Learn more: www.cisco.com/go/nfv


Volker Tegtmeyer

Senior Manager, Product and Solution Marketing

SP Cloud Virtualization