Jim O'Leary Written By Jim O’ Leary, Senior Mobile Solutions Marketing Manager

What a great week to be in London last week, the weather was great with blue skies and warm weather. The main reason this week to be in London was to attend the annual Global Telecoms Business Summit and Innovations Awards, and what a great industry event it was. During the event there were lots of customer interactions, industry discussions & best practices, and the Innovation Awards.

thalesThe Global Telecom Business Summit and Innovation Awards is an annual event that celebrates innovative solutions created by telecom vendors together with operators to make a difference to the world. Cisco and Thales won the award for Business Service Innovation for “LTE Enhancing the Safety and Security Industry Market” where we leveraged Cisco’s Industry Leading LTE Solution and Thales’ industry leadership in Security Systems Integration.

What is the problem that we identified? The Safety & Security Industry leverages the Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) which is currently in the process of transitioning towards Broadband over the next few years.

The Solution:

thales2What was needed was a security solution implementing End-to-End encryption and protecting the data stored in a device.

  • Deploy a Secure Mobile Virtual Operator Network. With this solution, it is possible to take benefit of all commercial LTE networks available in a country and select the best access depending on coverage and existing capacity (real-time traffic).Interoperable with existing commercial LTE networks for best access, resilience, and Quality of Service.
  • Users will also be able to add additional coverage and capacity with our deployable / tactical solutions (Cell or System on wheels)
  • Cisco – Thales Solution Benefits:

Thales was the first Cisco “Global Specialty Integrator (GSI)”, and as part of this specialty both companies agreed to jointly develop new innovative solutions like Nexium Wireless to cover LTE evolution for the Safety and Security Markets.

Thales and Cisco partnered to propose to the PMR community a complete story on how to migrate from their current mission-critical voice system to a mission-critical broadband solution – Cisco bringing best-in-class LTE Packet core technology, and Thales its resilience, security & applications expertise, and vertical systems integration. Our solution provides mission critical voice, broadband services in Professional Mobile Radio market: Public Safety, Military, Transportation, Utilities Markets.


The Results:

For the Professional mobile radio (PMR) users now receive more effective, high-bandwidth multimedia capabilities to share information in the field (database look-up, real-time video, situational awareness, image transfer, geo-location, etc.).

The Cisco Premium Mobile Broadband (PMB) enables the deployment of a private Long-Term Evolution (LTE) broadband network that services a single customer. As part of the Cisco Quantum™ Virtualized Packet Core , the PMB solution has reduced Time To Market from 12 – 18 months for legacy deployments down to less than 3 months.

With Thales Nexium Wireless brings the Systems Integration expertise critical for secure LTE voice, security framework, critical Voice control, the rugged phone end points.

For more information on the Cisco Solution: Cisco Quantum™ Virtualized Packet Core, Cisco LTE Solutions

For more information on the Thales Solutions: Nexium Wireless, Thales implements a LTE pilot on the Jordanian TETRA network.


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