Back in May this year at the ANGA.COM we announced the availability of our Infinite Broadband solution, introducing Remote PHY to the market as the leading Distributed Access Architecture (DAA).

The Infinite Broadband solution now includes everything you need to make Remote PHY a reality:

  • CCAP RPHY Core capability with the Cisco cBR8,
  • Full DAA transformation with the Cisco Smart PHY iNode Remote Phy Device (RPD),
  • Hub site consolidation capabilities with the Cisco Smart PHY Compact RPHY Shelf,
  • Automation with the Cisco Smart PHY Automation application, able to automate all OpenRPD based RPD’s and RPHY compliant RPD’s.

The solution is based on Cablelabs open source OpenRPD, of which Cisco is a founding member. OpenRPD has created an environment where multiple vendors are working together advancing Remote PHY as part of an Ecosystem where interoperability is a given due to the use of a common code base. OpenRPD is a market enabler that ensures Remote PHY product development is open to all equipment vendors, not being limited by a possible lack of a software development background. It also allows Cable Operators to continue to build on their existing vendor relationships in the HFC market segment.

At the SCTE Cable Expo of 2017, booth #987, we will be showing multiple OpenRPD Remote PHY Nodes connected with the Cisco cBR8 CCAP Core. In addition to that we have been working with Arris to show Remote PHY is indeed the only industry wide supported DAA. We will demonstrate Remote PHY interoperability between Arris and Cisco:

  • The Arris CCAP Core – Cisco Smart PHY Node
  • The Cisco cBR8 CCAP Core – Arris RPHY Node.

This is an unprecedented show of collaboration between the market leaders of the Cable Access Networking market segment, with both vendors making a clear statement about the maturity of RPHY and the need to interoperability.

An industry wide standard is critical to the success of Remote PHY. Standards drive innovation and competition, and Cablelabs standards have allowed the market to compete effectively  with other Access Network architectures (DSL, Fiber).

With Vendors moving expediency to bring to market RPD’s in multiple guises and support from silicon manufacturers engaged in the standards and product initiatives, the momentum for Remote PHY as a DAA architecture of choice is overwhelming.  In parallel MSO’s are adapting strategies to leverage the deep fibre Remote Phy deployment to augment current capacity needs as well as a springboard to future “Virtualisation of the Core CCAP elements.

DAA is all about achieving scale, performance, and flexibility and Cisco’s Cloud Native CCAP development underscores these objectives. Our strategy to implement DOCSIS processing in software, leveraging the latest developments in software architectures, enable us to provide a solution for any standardized DAA architecture.

We look forward to seeing you the 2017 SCTE-ISBE Cable-Tec Expo in Denver, Colorado. Have questions and comments, Tweet us @CiscoSP360.



Greg Smith

Sr. Manager, Marketing

Cisco Solutions Marketing