By Jan Bogaert, BDM, Service Provider Cable and Media, Cisco Services

Two important consumer trends that have a high impact on the way Content and Service Providers and Cable MSO’s need to manage the E2E Service experience of their customers are:

  1. Ever increasing media consumption on any device and any network
  2. Ability to communicate about their experience through social networks


The viewing lens for operators should not only show a real live E2E view – giving the exact same view what customers are experiencing, but also help identify issues pro-actively to avoid impact to a premium service.

Cisco is increasingly focusing on providing a solution which allows for E2E monitoring, analysis and predictive assessment. This solution should ideally:

  • Integrate easily with operators’ existing network, with minimal HW/SW additions
  • Give comprehensive insight into different networks and adapt to an ever changing environment
  • Be cost-efficient, leveraging best of breed available solutions and provide a view on ROI gains

As part of a broader Service Quality Management platform, Cisco is proud to introduce the first two steps into the journey of bringing this E2E multi-service quality monitoring and predictive management solution.


1. Cisco Proactive Network Maintenance as a Service (CPNM)

CPNM is a proactive approach to identify upstream and downstream impairments with DOCSIS footprint. It provides access into correlated data and device mapping via user friendly portal.

2. Cisco Video Quality Monitoring (VQM)

VQM is a real time service quality monitoring that enables operators to detect and isolate service degradations. It will also enable visibility into reports via real-time dashboards.

Both solutions have been established working closely together with best-of-breed partners like Skyline Communications and its Dataminer NMS platform, Mariner and its xVu portfolio of quality monitoring tools and NimbleThis’ industry leading PNM solution.

Through these partnerships, Cisco believes not only to stay closely aligned with a customer’s operational environment, but also on top of SP’s/MSO’s multidimensional need for proper qualitative monitoring and preventive analysis across networks.


George Tupy

Market Manager

Service Provider, Video Solutions