For decades, the OFC conference has been the place to see the latest research and innovation in all things related to optical communication. The exhibit hall is a great place to see for yourself what industry leaders are working on.

Come visit Cisco Optics next week, at OFC 2019 in San Diego, California! At the Cisco booth (#5829) we’ll be showing:

  • Live demo: 100G 1-λ Silicon Photonics For 10km. Cisco’s silicon photonics will be on display in a live demo, showing single-lambda PAM4 performance over 10km of duplex SMF.
  • Live demo: QSFP-DD Dissipates 20W. Cisco’s QSFP-DD module will be dissipating 20W in this live demo. At 20W, coherent modulation for extended reach standards like ZR+ are feasible.
  • Dual-Rate Optics. Four flavors of dual-rate optics (SFP 10/25G CSR, SFP 10/25G LR, QSFP 40/100G BiDi, QSFP 40/100G SR4). These optics enable incremental upgrades to the network by interoperating with prior generations.
  • 25G CSR and 40G CSR. 25G and 40G extended reach optics for duplex multimode fiber. These optics, unlike IEEE versions, match 10G SR distance and fiber type enabling a seamless transition from 10G to a higher speed.

See you in sunny San Diego!




Pat Chou

Product Manager

Service Provider - Transceiver Modules Group