If you’re following the 2016 NAB landscape, you know that broadcasters and media companies (like yours!) are bracing for a traffic tripling, in and out of their data centers, as they grow content production for on-demand, multi-screen and 4K viewing.

It’s all part of the pursuit of technologies and workflows that will help content creators, and their providers/distributors, to transform viewers into fans. Which is all about attractively personalized experiences — no matter the size of the screen, and experiences that are launched easily from the cloud.

When you work for a company that innovates, pretty much literally, at every whistle-stop along the video/media ecosystem, you wind up heading into a show like NAB a little concerned about how very much you have to say, because of how very much you’ve been innovating, along so very many product lines.

This is one of those NABs, for us. So much innovation, brewing for so long, along so many trajectories, from “camera to eyeball”! I mean, really: If you’re in charge of getting the word out, what’s our leading pitch? Welcome to the “inside baseball” of the major tradeshow “messaging.”

Media Blueprint is our approach for helping customers get to Cloud Scale Media Experiences. It includes the set of infrastructure and software components we’ve been busy building, the broadcast partner applications critical to our customers, and our services for media to integrate and validate systems and performance. It’s also our way of saying, in two words, how we’re accelerating the production, delivery, and monetization of immersive content.

media blueprint

You can read all about what our Media Blueprint comprises by reading the press release You can ask your colleagues at NBC Olympics, and CBS News Digital– they’re on board, among lots of others.

Or, if you’re cruising the Las Vegas Convention Center, navigate yourself to the Cisco booth at Upper South Hall, #8502. We’re at the ready with a really informed, really great line of stuff that will make your work-life better. That’s the whole point of the Media Blueprint, and it can only get better with … you. (Yes! You!)


George Tupy

Market Manager

Service Provider, Video Solutions