With Cisco’s cloud-hosted, analytics solution Mobility IQ, retailers and their partners can now gain invaluable insight into their customers’ “showrooming” habits, understanding more about why customers browse in-store – but buy online. This breakthrough solution is making it easier to capitalize on untapped business opportunities and create impressive customer-focused campaigns.

Wouldn’t it be great to show her your in-store item (with a price match!) for that online deal she’s browsing? With Mobility IQ, you can do it right now.


She’s here already. Now’s the time to let them know you’ll match that online price.


Cisco Mobility IQ can unlock new personalized experiences for shoppers and new business outcomes for the retail market. 


You have insights and know what they’re looking for. Now, you can help them find it, right in your store.


From targeted customer loyalty programs to real-time “steal and deal” offerings, actionable intelligence from Cisco Mobility IQ can help retain customers and unlock the power of visual networking knowledge.

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Keith Day

Marketing Director

Service Provider Mobility Business