At Cisco Live in Las Vegas, more than 25,000 technology innovators will converge to network, have fun, and learn about the latest solutions from Cisco. There has never been a better time to hear how Service Providers can keep their business and their customers safe from cyber attacks. We have lots to share! Read on for a quick preview.

Your business depends on delivering innovative services to your customers. The growth in video, mobility, Internet of Things (IoT), and cloud services have opened new business opportunities, but also introduce new vulnerabilities and security risks. Whether you are a broadcaster delivering on-demand video to millions of subscribers or cloud provider delivering business critical services to enterprise clients, your business cannot exist without pervasive security deployed at the right place at the right time throughout your cyber infrastructure.

For those in the broadcast media industry, you know that financially motivated hackers are targeting your content and video feeds. A recent nScreenMedia report found that 28% of media organizations admit to experiencing a cyber attack. Finding and dealing with the fallout of the Sony hack was costly – upwards of $171M.  The social media and broadcast hijack at TV5Monde sent chills through the industry. At Cisco Live, we are showcasing comprehensive solutions that can help lower your risk of costly asset thefts and hijacked broadcast feeds.

Service provider’s customer data are squarely in the crosshairs of cyber criminals. Data thefts like the one at T-Mobile netted the personal identity information of 14M customers. This year, the average cost of a data breach hit $4 million, representing a 29 percent increase since 2013, according to a new report from IBM. Imagine your customer’s personal data being stolen from your servers and the damage that could do to your reputation. After an October customer data theft, UK broadband provider Talk Talk reported losing 250K customers due to “brand-reliability” issues.

You may also worry about cyber threats hiding inside your organization. Could one of your employees unknowingly been infected by malware while on-line at Starbucks? See how user identity and group segmentation can be effectively used to limit access to confidential data and applications to lessen the risk of business losses.

Cisco Security solutions can shorten the time to discover breaches from the 100-day industry average to less than 1 day. Hear how we can help you layer these highly effective security solutions together to quickly contain advanced threats before they disrupt your business and impact your customers.

Visit the security booth to see how Cisco’s threat-centric security solutions are designed to protect your assets and critical business systems from advanced cyber threats. Our security solutions are powered by Cisco Talos, the industry’s largest threat intelligence backbone of 260+ researchers that identify close to 20B global cyber threats daily – – and share that threat telemetry across all Cisco security products. See how granular access control and enhanced visibility of everyone and every device on your network, helps you lock down your infrastructure to stop potential threats before they can cause damage and quickly remediate if they do manage to get in. And with Cisco Cloud and Managed Security offerings, security can be a business enabler to help you create new revenue streams and increase profits.security clus

Stop by and take a look at the SP Security demonstrations in the Service Provider and Security booths at Cisco Live and engage in one-on-one conversations with our security experts to see how our solutions can meet your organization’s specific needs.


Sam Rastogi

Senior Product & Solutions Marketing Manager