chowjBy Joe Chow, VP, Connected Devices, Cisco Service Provider Video Technology Group

Today Cisco announced the launch of a UL-certified, all-digital, wireless-based home security and automation service with AT&T Digital Life. Cisco built and will provide the Digital Life control panel and back-office provisioning and applications life-cycle management system, which allows customers to monitor, protect and manage their homes using a smartphone, tablet or PC. It launches in eight markets in March, and up to 50 by year-end. While broadband provider agnostic, the service uses AT&T’s nationwide wireless network.

The Digital Life controller uses five radios to control and manage appliances, lighting, and HVAC; remotely lock or unlock doors; even detect water leaks. In addition to the five radios, the controller includes an Open Services Gateway initiative (OSGi) software framework, Home Plug AV (to communicate with connected IP devices over the home power network), 24-hour backup, and advanced diagnostics.

Ultimately, people who sign on for AT&T’s Digital Life controller – again, a key feature is that those people don’t need to be AT&T Wireless subscribers – will gain remote, wireless access to cameras, window and door sensors, smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, door locks thermostats, water shut-off valves, and appliance/lighting controls.

It’s always rewarding to be a part of a great idea, executed well. But don’t take my word for it – check out this video where we show you what it looks like and talk about how it works.



David Yates

as Director of Service Provider Video Marketing at Cisco