Redefining Your 5G Network for Outstanding Outcomes

Are you planning to be at Mobile World Congress Americas? Because we’ll be there and we’d love to see you and talk with you. We have meeting rooms on the second floor overlooking the exhibit floor; Meeting space S2.303B.

Meet with Us

We will have key Cisco executives and subject matter experts who are looking forward to meeting with you about designing your network to win new customers and revenue; to simplify and optimize your network, new innovations and wins, and more.

Coauthor: Kishen Mangat

Call your Cisco account team today and ask them to make a meeting reservation right away.

Key Cisco Executives at MWC-Americas:

  • Jonathan Davidson, SVP/GM Service Provider Business
  • Kishen Mangat, VP/GM of the Mobile Business Group
  • JL Valente, VP/GM Cloud Platform Services Group and NGENA
  • Sam Samuel, CTO SP Mobility
  • Bob Everson, Global Director for SP Mobility and 5G
  • Arjun Ghatak, Director Mobile Business Group

And several more key executives and subject matter experts.

Solution Leadership Showcase

While you are visiting us in our meeting area you’ll want to have a look at our live Solutions Leadership Showcase.  We will be sharing some of the advancements made by our Mobility engineers and progress made by the Open vRAN eco-system with 4G and 5G solutions. You will see that unlocking the last “closed’ segment of the network (RAN) is a real possibility and a good idea that can unlock significant cost savings and improve your customer’s connected experiences.

Cisco on Stage

You won’t want to miss Cisco sharing our insights on impactful topics during these panel sessions.



Day / Time

Jonathan Davidson
SVP/GM, Service Provider Business 
Automating the Network: AI and Machine Learning


Wed. Sept. 12
@ 3:15-4:00pm 
Kishen Mangat
VP/GM, SP Mobility Business Group 
Mobile IoT Deployments


Wed. Sept. 12
@ 3:15-4:00pm 
Sam Samuel
CTO Mobility 
Blockchain for the Enterprise


Wed. Sept. 12
@ 4:15-5:00pm 
Humberto La Roche
Principal Engineer, Service Provider Networking 
Future Networks Seminar: 5G Beyond Mobile Broadband


Wed. Sept. 12
@ 3:30-5:30pm 
Bob Everson
Global Director, Mobility and 5G 
Fierce Exec Breakfast: RAN  Innovation  Panel


Thur. Sept. 13
@ 7:30am-9:05am 

Cisco Innovations

We’ve been busy since MWC-Barcelona with new products and enhancements to existing products that deliver great value to your business and network needs.  We’ll also have several success stories to share that can be relevant to what you are planning for your own business outcomes.  And let’s not forget about the progress and contributions made by the Cisco-led Open vRAN eco-system.

Six months ago we opened a lot of eyes when we introduced the Cisco’s 5G value chain “multicloud-to-client” strategy and “wowed” our guests with the “Cisco Now!” array of 5G products and solutions that we’ve been shipping to our customers around the globe.  We showed several ways to go after the new revenue with our technological advances.  And we shook the industry with the announcement of the Open vRAN eco-system.  Well, its six months later and we have not been resting on our laurels.

Since February we’ve seen the Cisco Ultra Services Platform as the sole provider of the world’s largest fully virtualized packet core supporting over 150 million subscribers.  This cloud-native solution is fully 5G ready and will be as this mobile provider implements their 5G radio network.

Speaking of the Cisco Ultra Services Platform, we have advanced the code which increased performance by a 2.5X factor.  Stop by and we’ll tell you how we did that and why this enables you to better deliver 5G services while reducing TCO.

The Open vRAN eco-system partners, Cisco and Mavenir, took a lead role in the xRAN forum to define NETCONF/YANG for management of 5G Radio Unit.  We’ve also done a lot of integration work and are showcasing two deployable examples of multivendor open vRAN solutions for 4G and 5G.

Why Cisco for Your 5G Business?

This emerging generation of technology will support different business models requiring different thinking about your network and how you deliver and support your network.  4G/LTE was about connectivity – better coverage with more usable bandwidth.  5G is about delivering a connected experience to your clients everywhere, anywhere at Gigabit speeds.  Many of the requirements for 5G address the needs of businesses (Enterprise, etc.) and the successful mobile services provider will redefine their network and business to be excellent partners to their business clients.  This redefined network will be a multivendor open environment from the cloud to the client.  This network will need excellence in Cloud, Network, Security and Enterprise.  There is only one technology company that has expertise and is industry leading in each and all of these four critical areas and that is Cisco.  We want to be your partner as you redefine your network to realize new opportunities.




Jonathan Davidson

EVP and General Manager

Cisco Networking