This week, we want to shine a well-deserved spotlight on T-Mobile and their milestone achievements in advancing the network as described in their announcement today. They tout Cisco as being a key vendor and partner in hitting those milestones. As they noted, our partnership has yielded several 5G Standalone (SA) world-firsts on their new 5G core network:

• First data session on a production network
• First data session in the field with a commercial modem
• First voice call using Evolved Packet System (EPS)We’re working together to rapidly build out T-Mobile’s 5G network, ensuring their customers have the very best connected experiences possible.

T-Mobile and Cisco understand that now, more than ever, it’s essential to provide strong, reliable services, collaboration tools, and connected experiences. This 5G network will allow them to connect faster than ever before to work, learn, play, and stay healthy and informed in what has become our “new normal”.

An Evolution of Collaboration

Cisco and T-Mobile USA implemented the world’s first 100% virtualized evolved packet core for 4G. The Cisco Ultra Packet Core was installed using the Cisco Cloud Services Stack and operational tools, providing comparative plug-and-play ease. With this advanced technology, T-Mobile realized a win-win, delivering improved services while reducing costs.

More recently, we implemented their 5G SA core. Unlike 5G Non-Standalone (NSA) which rides on the 4G network, the 5G SA core is what unlocks the speed and potential of the 5G era. Cisco’s Ultra Cloud Core is the industry’s feature-rich, fully cloud-native core for the 5G era. This 5G core is just a part of the secured, trusted, and highly automated software-defined network that we’re building with T-Mobile.

Open APIs, a flexible software-defined platform, and advanced automation are simplifying what was once complex. Add to that Cisco Customer Experience (CX) to help plan and implement the solution. This may sound like it would require a large investment, but in actuality, it’s relatively small when compared to the overall 5G build. The vast majority of T-Mobile’s (and other mobile operators) 5G investment is in spectrum and radio. That massive investment alone won’t generate the necessary revenue. The investment in the network provides the platform that will deliver the return on their overall 5G investment – including radio.

We look forward to more advancements and achievements as we continue our partnership with T-Mobile.


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Kishen Mangat

Leads the Policy Management Product Line

Service Provider Mobility Business