Turn mobile security on its head. Cisco and Samsung have collaborated to develop the secure mobility solution that addresses the enterprise market realities of today and well into the future.  Cisco’s AnyConnect solution and Samsung Knox architecture will soon force visibility into malicious activity from enterprise mobile endpoints.  This joint solution will empower enterprises with the operational knowledge and confidence they need to fully embrace mobile.

Ask anyone in security and they will tell you that there is no one turn-key solution.  Security is all about having the “right” visibility.  Due to robust security and policy tools, visibility and network controls have long been available to enterprise customers for desktops or laptops.  This in-depth visibility has allowed IT to mitigate threats in a matter of hours.  But new trends around mobility introduce new vulnerabilities and risks for the corporate environment.  And because enterprises do not have the same tools for mobile they are left stranded.

More and more, employees want to work on their mobile devices. Yet mobile devices with unfettered access to the enterprise network could potentially access sensitive information. These same devices can also consume shadow IT applications or even exhibit suspicious behavior without knowledge of IT administrators.  This is why most enterprises treat mobile endpoints as untrusted or just provide guest access.

Samsung and Cisco have come together to empower enterprise mobility with unmatched trust through Samsung Knox, visibility through Cisco AnyConnect, and intelligence with Cisco Stealthwatch.


“With this new offering, we are marking another milestone in our security software on Android mobile phones,” said Injong Rhee, CTO of the Mobile Communications Business at Samsung Electronics. 

“Together with Cisco we are providing our customers with the best security technologies and insightful data analytics to protect sensitive information and vital business applications.”


  • One of the world’s largest mobile market leaders and world’s leading security solution provider join forces to deliver unmatched mobile security.
  • Deliver trust through the defense-grade Samsung Knox platform ensuring device integrity.
  • See in-depth user and device behavior to mitigate threats originating from mobile devices.
  • Ensure that only authenticated users on trusted devices are making use of appropriate enterprise IT services.

The competition only offers partial fixes or a closed ecosystem. With Cisco and Samsung providing trust, visibility, and intelligence into the mobile device, threats to your network that could take 100 to 200 days to detect can be identified in hours.  When an average data breach can cost $4 million, it is imperative that you have the most advanced security solution for mobile.

At Mobile World Congress, Cisco, the world’s leading cyber security solution provider, and Samsung, one of the world’s largest mobile market leaders, are building on a long standing relationship which started with Cisco AnyConnect VPN integration with Samsung Knox. Building upon this relationship, Cisco and Samsung are now focused on providing enterprises and service providers with extended visibility and device level protection. With Cisco’s and Samsung’s joint solutions, enterprises and service providers will be able to use increased visibility and control to prevent unauthorized access and quickly respond to malicious behavior. Samsung Knox, the award-winning defense-grade mobile security platform, together with Cisco AnyConnect will offer unparalleled endpoint trust, visibility, and intelligence delivering the most secure enterprise mobile security solution available.



Thomas Licisyn

Product Marketing Manager

Security Marketing Group