We are releasing a new product for our Cisco Infinite Broadband solution set, the GS7000 iNode, a No-Touch SmartNode.  Based on the industry-leading GS7000 Optical Node, the new SmartNode delivers an innovative approach that enables unprecedented operational savings for multiple service operators (MSOs) through automation.  The SmartNode has been designed with two goals in mind: one, reducing operating expenses and two, increasing the availability in the Access Network—benefits only now capable with this, industry’s first fully automated, optical node.



So what does the SmartNode really offer you?

The Smart PHY Automation application for the Infinite Broadband solution enabled us to automate the deployment and provisioning of the Remote Phy Device (RPD), but that still left the Optical Node in the “dark”. The Smartnode extends that capability to the Cable Access Network beyond the RPD, but it does more than automation only. With the SmartNode, we begin tapping into the data-intelligence of the thousands of devices in the network, making the devices and the network, as a whole, more self-aware and capable of self-healing. While this is all great marketing speak, let me walk you through a typical life cycle of a Node to better understand the significance of the iNode.

It all starts with the install; legacy nodes require a field technician for installation and configuration—a manual and error-prone process.  With the Smartnode, there is no manual configuration necessary, the process can be automated or completed remotely. This means quicker deployments, faster recovery times, and fewer errors.

Once installed the Smartnode provides an unprecedented insight into the behavior of your access network—providing accurate, remote full spectrum analyzer functionality on every port and MER measurement and eliminates the need for costly and complex network probes.

The intelligence derived from the SmartNode coupled with its remote monitoring and management capabilities offers providers the agility to respond to network issues that are impacting subscribers on a per-leg basis. No truck roll needed.  The SmartNode also offers savings on overall power consumption with the ability to remotely manage spectrum usage, turning off inactive legs when they are not needed.

The SmartNode fundamentally changes the way we test and troubleshoot our access networks.  A simple, mobile app replaces the overhead expense of needing to have testing cables, pads, EQs, and spectrum analyzers on hand.  Remote management capabilities reduce the impact of user error and over time, the intelligence that can be derived from the Smartnode analytics will provide even more insightful and actionable data for existing proactive network maintenance systems.

The Smartnode is an extension of Cisco’s Smart PHY capability for the Infinite Broadband solution.

And all of that, at almost the same price of a dumb legacy Node! Come see us in Denver, Colorado, October 17-20, at the SCTE Cable Expo, booth #987 for a demonstration.


Daniel Etman

Product Marketing Director

Cisco's Cable Access Business