Our Heartfelt Congratulations to Maureen Dolan and Andrew Solarz: CableFAX Overachievers Under 30

It is with great delight that I have occasion to recognize two stars in the Cisco family,  Maureen Dolan and Andrew Solarz, who made the CableFAX Overachievers Under 30 class of 2017!  Both represent the category with go-getter grace.

Allow me to elaborate, starting with Maureen, who joined our Global Service Provider sales organization in L.A. last year as a Media Strategic Account Executive, serving some of our most strategic customers: The Walt Disney Company, NBC Universal, Technicolor, and Deluxe.

Congrats Maureen Dolan!

In short, Maureen is a natural: her organizational skills, strategic vision and authentic personality quickly aligned her with our customers as a trusted advisor. Internally, she’s one of those people who can adroitly align internal resources, while keeping us all in step with relevant industry developments; whether it’s AR/VR production environments, cloud-ready infrastructure, or media storage solutions, she is masterful at controlling the chaos of complex engagements, and shines brightest when things don’t always go as planned.

Millie <3s Cisco Media

Maureen’s multi-dimensional persona shines bright outside of Cisco as well: For Halloween, she dressed up as Barb, from Stranger Things.  She’s an unapologetically proud dog-mom to her mini-Schnauzer, Millie (pictured). When she’s not working, she usually has her nose in a good book.

If you’re a foodie in New York in search of an affordably delicious meal, or a bike ride down the West Side Highway, or a Rangers game, look up Andrew Solarz.  Because that’s what this under-30 overachiever is usually doing when he’s not sorting through the nuances and strategies of next-gen distribution for telco, mobile, cable and web platforms.

He started out at Nickelodeon analyzing content consumption data as a way to grow digital ad revenues. Soon after, his role expanded across all of Viacom’s networks, to coordinate digital distribution deals with the likes of Netflix, Hulu and Yahoo. After that, HBO, again focused on new distribution strategies.

Congrats to Andrew Solarz!

Then, happily, he came to Cisco, where he supports senior management in solving, creating and executing strategic plans across distribution platforms. His specialties: Market analysis, business analysis, and business development.

It’s people like Maureen and Andrew who make the workplace more lively, informed, and fun. Thanks to both of you for your continued hard work, intrepreneurially spirit, and for being on #TeamCisco! Keep striving for excellence, and setting the bar for those around you.  Your contributions so early in your career are notable and vital to the success of our customers and our company.

Cheers to both Maureen and Andrew who will be honored today (December 6) at a CableFAX soiree at Upper Story by Charlie Palmer, in NYC.

Clink! 🥂


Samira Panah Bakhtiar

Director, Cisco's Media Operation

Global Service Provider Organization