coclemsonCableFAX just gave us the good word that our own Conrad Clemson is officially a Most Innovative Person in Multiscreen.

If you don’t know Conrad, here’s the top line: He runs our Service Provide Video Software and Solutions group, as Senior VP and General Manager.

Conrad leads a global team focused on delivering Cisco’s industry-leading cloud-based video offerings. He’s the guy who leads the product development team that landed our V2P line as “Best New Cloud Solutions Product,” in the CableFAX Digital & Technology Awards.

A typical day in the life of Conrad has him collaborating with engineers and product managers across the globe to direct the strategy and development of our video software portfolio — which spans content protection, headend, client software, streaming, and encoding. It’s his job to help our service provider customers leverage the cloud to succeed over the long term as they manage the rapid changes in their customers’ viewing behaviors – where the demand is programing on any screen, anywhere.

Conrad was a part of the team that led our agile and CI/CD (Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery) transition. He currently leads our Infinite Solutions line of cloud-based video solutions, which we unveiled at IBC last year.

It’s a three-part offering – ‘Infinite Home’, a build-your-own TV Everywhere solution, ‘Infinite Video’, a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that can take a service provider from interested to up-and-running in 90 days, and ‘Infinite Broadcast’, a multiscreen video solution for one-way and hybrid satellite and cable service providers.


Cisco Infinite Solutions now help service providers, broadcasters and media companies across the world to deliver outstanding television experiences to multiple screens, from a single cloud, on any access network, within the home or on the go.

Cisco cloud-based television delivery reduces operating costs, introduces a pay-as-you-grow pricing model to reduce capital risk, and comes with both pre-integrated, open standards-based components, and a proactive feature roadmap. (And if it’s not proactive enough, Conrad will want to know about it.)

The only way to stay ahead in a cloud-based world is to continue evolving and executing, which is where Conrad and his SP Video team thrive. Way to go, Conrad! Congratulations… A toast to you for being Cisco’s Most Innovative Person in Multiscreen… And to you, CableFAX, for taking notice.


Yvette Kanouff

Senior Vice President/General Manager

Service Provider Business