To see how easy it is to create your own optical network, let us take you through the steps in this video

Enterprises are experiencing explosive traffic growth that is challenging the current IT infrastructure. Many have plans to modernize their infrastructure to adjust for this growth. It’s also an opportunity to build your own optical data center interconnect, as well as defend against new cyber threats and simplify ongoing operations. Securing the data while improving the technology with recent innovations might be an initial stress to budgets but, in the long run, it enables more control of the network, which enables faster bandwidth upgrades and better command over maintenance updates. All on your terms.

For businesses interested in deploying their own optical network, the economic advantages over the outsourcing of leased lines is clear. Today, fiber lease terms are shorter, and the return on investment for doing it yourself is paid back in months instead of years. Optical platforms today are easier to deploy, and scaling the network is under your control. Additionally, leasing lines is a linear and increasing recurring cost, while deploying your own infrastructure is a single purchase that come with significant tax advantages.

DIY provides clear advantages for Enterprise architectures that include disaster recovery sites in almost every major metropolitan area, as well as the data center interconnect architectures that are widely deployed today by large content providers and Enterprises.

Cisco’s routing and optical platforms provide a solution that meets the needs of these requirements and gives Enterprises control of their networks. Cisco’s NCS 1001, NCS 1002 and NCS 2000 optical platforms provide the high bandwidth connectivity. The platforms are complemented by our Nexus 9000 and the ASR 9000 routers to provide Layer 3 protection, while the optical layer provides restoration. Combined, these platforms provide a lower total cost of ownership and have programmable management systems for all the platforms.

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Eve Griliches

Senior Product Marketing

Optical Business Unit