Streaming is the future, and the future is here.

According to the 14th Edition of Deloitte’s Digital Media Trends Survey, more than 80% of households in the United States have at least one streaming subscription. The survey also found that subscriber accounts in the U.S. have an average of four streaming video accounts, which is up from three in the previous report.

With all the excitement surrounding the rise in streaming, I am excited to announce today that Cisco is providing the hardware-based firewalling, routing and video transcode infrastructure needed to support an innovative, new TV streaming platform and content distribution model from Planet Earth TV, LLC, DBA (BOSSTV).

The new BOSSTV platform, based in Shelby, North Carolina, launched on November 1st, 2020, and now subscribers have access to over 176 channels of programming in Spanish, English, and Italian. All streaming packages are available in live TV and on-demand in HD and 4K formats within the continental U.S. and South America.

Most of us have experienced first-hand the convenience that comes with the ability to watch what we want when we want, where we want at the push of a button, and we have seen that trend skyrocket over the last year. However, we’ve probably also experienced the frustration and disappointment that ensues when your viewing experience is interrupted by the dreaded loading icon from a dropped connection.

BOSSTV’s high-performance, low-latency streaming is enabled by extensive Cisco support for the on-premise Cisco ASR 9000 Series and Cisco Nexus 9000 Series. The feature-rich ASR 9000 series routers provide economical scale at the edge to serve billions of devices with high-quality service, while Cisco Nexus switches provide deep visibility and security, along with application performance with zero packet drop. Cisco Unified Computing System rack servers with state-of-the-art technology provide round-the-clock operability and uptime of all critical services for BOSSTV and its subscribers.

We are working together to uniquely deliver a better streaming experience for BOSSTV subscribers. This strategic initiative establishes a foundation on which to build robust and extensible infrastructure that leverages BOSSTV’s extensive technology portfolios in content distribution, digital rights management (DRM) systems, media transcoding, and security. We expect this partnership to become increasingly strategic as BOSSTV expands its infrastructure to support more consumers across multiple continents, on all devices.

The BOSSTV Live TV streaming service APP is immediately available on the Apple Store for iOS devices, the tvOS store exclusive for Apple TV, and the Google Play Store for Android mobile devices and Android TV. As the service matures, offerings will expand to include exclusive content from European and Francophone channel catalogs.




Brian Rueger

Director, Regional Sales

Service Provider - Americas