Network economics are changing. Consumers and enterprises use more data every day. Meanwhile, competition and commoditization are driving down the price paid for data services, yet networks are getting more complex to manage and operate. Service providers must find a way to support bandwidth growth, to deliver customer requirements faster, and to simplify operations. This seems like an impossible task.  Are they caught in a margin-crunching vise?

Margins in a vice: Bandwidth growth + price competition = margin crunch

Avoid Margin Crunch with Cisco Crosswork Automation Portfolio

On Sept. 15 at 11 a.m. ET, Cisco and Light Reading will host a webinar where you’ll learn how we help service providers escape the vise with network automation and segment routing for more capital-efficient software defined IP transport networks.

We will cover why the evolving network landscape requires the need for automation and share how service providers can optimize bandwidth on existing network infrastructure using Cisco’s Crosswork closed-loop automation portfolio.

Cisco Crosswork Automation Portfolio

Be sure to register and attend our webinar, Automating Software Defined IP Transport Networks

A replay of the event will also be available for later streaming on-demand.

Cisco Crosswork Network Controller

We’ll also offer insights on how service providers can increase revenue with enterprise IP-based service offers. This webinar will include an overview and demo of the new Cisco Crosswork Network Controller, our turnkey solution to transform operations of your converged SDN transport network.

Our Cisco Crosswork Network Controller recently won “Layer123’s Best Network Automation Solution Award” for the control it provides customers in making their network applications-aware and able to optimize multi-domain, multi-vendor physical and virtual infrastructures.  Pay a visit to Layer123 to find out more about its 2020 Network Automation Awards.

This innovation has been proven to help service providers achieve the following business outcomes:Improved Business outcomes with Cisco Mass Scale architecture and crosswork Network automation

See more information on Cisco Crosswork and view

the Cisco Crosswork Network Controller demo.



John Malzahn

Senior Marketing Manager

Service Provider Cloud Solutions