Networking today is a world of big opportunities – and big challenges. Telecoms, mobile, cloud and cable service providers are all facing increasing demands on their systems. Old approaches are no longer going to be enough. If they want to succeed in future, service providers are going to have to rethink their networks from the bottom up.

At Cisco, we’ve been thinking hard about how our technology can help service providers meet the challenges of the future. We’ve looked carefully at our suite of hardware and software, focusing on the opportunities offered by developments like automation and machine learning. And we’ve brought everything together into a more intelligent, effective approach for operating modern networks.

It’s a way of working that allows service providers to get the best out of their systems, reducing complexity and providing customers with the services they want.

The three pillars of Cisco Crosswork

Our new approach is Cisco Crosswork : an automated framework for supporting intelligent modern networking. Its three fundamental principles enable service providers to get the most out of their networks and take them in new directions.

1.Mass awareness

To operate a network effectively, you need to know what’s happening in it. That’s why Cisco Crosswork’s first principle is mass awareness.

Networks are home to a wealth of data. But in most cases, the people operating them can only see a small fraction of it. Cisco Crosswork collects information from every part of your network to give you a fuller understanding. It gathers data from all devices, across technology from different vendors, and in near real time.

2.Augmented intelligence

Once we have the data, it’s time to make it work for you. The second principle of Cisco Crosswork is augmented intelligence.

The richness of the information provided by Cisco Crosswork provides insights that enable you to run your network more efficiently and intelligently. We use techniques like machine learning to make sense of your data and continuously refine your processes.

3.Proactive control

Operating modern networks can sometimes feel like constantly playing catch up. But it’s more effective if you can stay one step ahead.

The third key element of Cisco Crosswork is proactive control. The predictive insights provided by our technology enable a comprehensive overview of your system. You can introduce changes consistently and control operations precisely, down to the individual network slice.

Helping Level 3* transform their network services

The three pillars of Cisco Crosswork are made possible using new technology, but they’re based on solid experience.

One business whose journey we’ve supported was Level 3 communications (*now part of CenturyLink). Level 3 had experience in more than 60 different countries, but they knew that their customers’ expectations were changing. They wanted faster, simpler ways to integrate third party cloud services and bring applications to full-scale production.

We helped Level 3 meet these requirements using the Cisco Network Services Orchestrator (NSO), a key element in enabling proactive control. The Cisco NSO enables end-to-end automation for greater network visibility and faster service delivery. With our help, Level 3 was able to offer customers a range of automated network-as-a-service-solutions that could instantly be adapted to changing demands.

Cutting through the complexity

In a world where networks are becoming increasingly complex, service providers need a way to make things simpler. By enabling you to intelligently automate many network operations, Cisco Crosswork means you can intervene in your network operations only where it really counts. So with our support, you can find the time to focus on what really matters.

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Patricia Lopez

Marketing Manager

Service Provider Marketing EMEAR