Service providers know that if they want to support the agile services that their customers are increasingly demanding, they need a new approach to networking. One that simplifies and streamlines the way their systems operate.

That’s why they’re investing in developing their networks. But it’s not enough for service providers just to transform their infrastructure – they also need to implement it in the right way. As well as being able to perform now, they also need to be adaptable enough to support whatever developments the future holds.

Expert Solution, Expert Implementation

Cisco has both the technology and the expertise to support your network transformation.

Our next generation networking solution, Cisco 5G PowerX  uses advanced technologies such as machine learning and end-to-end automation to simplify and streamline your operations.

But while investing in the right technology is crucial, it’s just as important to implement it in the right way. When we work with you to transform your network, we’ll do it in three stages.

Firstly, we’ll carry out a comprehensive review of your organisation and systems, assessing your network and its current capacities, as well as your business operations and future plans.

Once we have a clear picture of where you are and where you want to go, we’ll work with you on stage two – developing your operational capacities by creating a 5G transformation plan. This will include automating and orchestrating processes, and increasing your network’s capacity for scalability and programmability.

The stage is now set for innovation. Once you’ve build a solid foundation for your network, you have the chance to work more efficiently and create new revenue streams through agile services.

Hardware, Software, Services

Our support for service providers also comes in three different ways: hardware, software and services.

With hardware, we know that a strong physical infrastructure is crucial. We’ll advise you on selecting the right network equipment – including silicon, connectivity equipment and line cards, as well as a chassis.

And it’s also essential to combine this with the right software. Our solutions support next generation capabilities including segment routing, model-driven telemetry, and segment routing.

When you get these two aspects of technology working together effectively, you’re well on the way to success. But the third element we offer is arguably the most important: comprehensive support services that provide ongoing advice and guidance.

For evidence of the impact of our work, take a look at the numbers. Near-zero downtime, 50% increased operational efficiency, and a return on investment of more than 200% are some of the results we’ve helped service providers achieve.

Top Rated

And in a report last year from consulting firm ACG Research, Cisco was named as the top telecoms equipment provider by 59% of decision makers interviewed – three times more than its closest competitor.

We were “considered extraordinary in providing security and networking solutions” thanks to “robust and high-quality equipment with great service quality”. And our business was considered to be “confident about its approach toward the satisfaction of its customers”.

These technology buyers know that building a dynamic, future-ready network is a journey. And they know that with our extensive experience and deep expertise, Cisco is the right choice to support it.


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Patricia Lopez

Marketing Manager

Service Provider Marketing EMEAR