We redesigned and updated the blog incorporating many new features designed to improve the blogging experience! Here are some of the major changes you will notice as you explore the site:

The Cisco.com banner is now at the top of every page, hover over the logo to select either the blogs homepage or to go directly to Cisco.com.


The Blogs at a Glance module now has a sleek and clean design. We added LinkedIn and Google + social icons to make it easier to share content.

To boost conversation and participation, we are piloting a program whereby all comments will now be published automatically! All you have to do is sign-in via the Social Rewards program.


Do you have a question about a product? Check out the “Let Us Help”  widget on selected technology blog pages to chat in real time with a Cisco support person.


Sharing content on social channels has never been easier with the floating social share bar now available on post pages.


Do you love video? So do we! So we added the video widget to each page, making it easier to watch videos related to blog content.


You can now connect to bloggers via LinkedIn! Just click on a blogger name to be taken directly to his or her bio page. And even though it is not new, we want to remind you can also subscribe to a blogger’s RSS feed and receive updates when that blogger publishes a post.

We have even more features and enhancements lined up, so stay tuned!

We would love to hear what you think of the changes, so please post a comment below!


Lindsay Hamilton

Social Media Blog Program Manager

Global Social Media Marketing