Do you visit multiple websites regularly throughout the day to stay up-to-date on the latest cybersecurity news? You aren’t alone. We asked customers like you what frustrates them and, it turns out, that they overwhelmingly agree that this is an exhausting and annoying task.

This feedback is why I’m so excited to share the new Digital Cybersecurity Newsfeed with you.  It’s your one-stop shop for real-time security news, alerts, and notices – right here on Cisco’s website.

Cisco's new Digital Cybersecurity Newsfeed
Cisco’s new Digital Cybersecurity Newsfeed

The Cybersecurity News Feed continually updates with the latest articles and information from websites like Threatpost, The Register, Talos Security, and more, in addition to showcasing cutting-edge content from our own Cisco experts.

Best of all, you can customize your feed, so it displays the articles you are most interested, or switch filters to explore multiple categories of news.  Don’t have time to read an article that interests you? No problem – just bookmark it for later with just one click.

The Cybersecurity Newsfeed makes it easy for you to share posts or articles with your social media followers or to grab a link to send to a friend or colleague. To get sharing, just hover over the article and click to tweet or share with your network on LinkedIn.

Check out the Cybersecurity Newsfeed

Want to see the feed in action or learn more? Watch the video below, as Jeff Samuels, our VP of Security Marketing tells you more about it and guides you in an exploration of the tool’s features.

Security news is always changing, and with your new feed you can stay up-to-date, all in one place. Bookmark the Cybersecurity Newsfeed now so that you can come back to visit it today and everyday.

Visit your Cybersecurity Newsfeed.



Molly Gil

Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing, New Experiences