I always enjoy Fast Company and Wired. But this month there’s something extra in both: You can make the Internet of Everything come alive using your smartphone or tablet, via a Cisco ad in the magazine, just like my colleague Jeanette is doing here with her phone:



You can do it, too:

1. First, get the app. If you don’t already have the newest version, download the Cisco app (available for iPhone, iPad and Android) from Cisco.com/app or from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

2. Next, go get the magazine. Grab the newest (February) editions of Wired or Fast Company. Inside you’ll find Cisco’s TOMORROW starts here ad. (If you can’t pick up a copy of the magazine, check out the experience and learn more about the Internet of Everything on the TOMORROW starts here web site. )

3. Start the app and touch the Wake up an Ad icon.

4. Press Start to wake up the ad.

(Again, if you don’t have the actual ad you can also print or view on the screen a copy of the ad from your computer, or visit the main TOMORROW starts here site.)

5. Point your phone or tablet at the ad



6. Choose “Magazine” when the translucent overlay appears.


7. Have fun playing with the interactive experience!


Some tips:

  • Zoom in close to the pictures, because several of them pop out or animate when you do.
  • Click on the activate images: They’ll come alive in video, and from the video you can link to more background information.

Try this with friends, colleagues and neighbors, and if you like it be sure to use the Share buttons from within the app.


Martin Hardee

Director, Cisco.com