Last month, more than 100 dynamic women engaged in one of the most inspirational and personal interactive dialogues we’ve seen on what empowers women to “Be Fearless” in the workplace. Led by Women of Impact, Cisco’s inaugural #CiscoChat connected women who shared their thoughts on taking risks and overcoming fear in pursuit of their professional dreams.

As I recapped this inaugural #CiscoChat, I touched on childhood “monsters under the bed” fears giving way to ones that keep women from being brave and bold in the workplace. Even once we learned there were no monsters waiting for us, unconsciously, something – perhaps a movie or teasing from a sibling – rekindled that fear. And the process for conquering it began all over again. So is it difficult to believe that sometimes, nagging fears can creep back into our thoughts and dissuade us from living lives of professional and personal pursuits?

Now that we know what empowers so many to feel fearless, it’s time to take the conversation to the next level.

Following the Women in Impact Conference, @Cisco_woi will host a follow-up Be Fearless #CiscoChat. The chat will take place on Twitter on Thursday, March 26 from 9:00 – 10:00 a.m. PST. We will share highlights from the conference as well as hear your thoughts on how women can remain fearless while pursuing career passions.


As women, we have an entire arsenal of tools at our disposal to assist us in our professional growth. And in this #CiscoChat, we’ll exchange new ideas, share our experiences and outline best practices for moving forward and pairing these professional tools with a re-ignited passion for achieving our goals without fear holding us back.

If you missed the initial Be Fearless #CiscoChat, this is the perfect opportunity for you to engage with other professionals, dive deeper into the discussion about how to achieve new career and personal goals, become a stronger leader and earn points and badges for participating.

Join in the discussion using hashtag #CiscoChat and follow us on Twitter @Cisco_WOI.


Rehana Rehman

No Longer with Cisco