The best part of my day at Cisco is working with Cisco Champions. When I started my marketing career at Cisco, I had no idea my path would eventually lead me to working with the most passionate technologists in the industry. What a stroke of good luck!

Cisco Champions exemplify what we think about when we envision a technology enthusiast—intelligent, informed, engaged, and passionate. They make geeky cool. They are educators and lifelong learners. They’ve dared to dream big, broken down barriers, taken themselves outside of their comfort zones and lived to share their stories. They seek ways to engage with their larger community. Many Cisco Champions are, or aspire to be, influencers—bloggers, vloggers, and podcasters. To state it simply, Cisco Champions are next-level technologists.

If any of what I’ve described resonates with you, we may be the community you’ve been waiting for. I strongly encourage you to apply. As a Cisco Champion you will:

  • Get early insight to new Cisco products and solutions and access to Cisco’s engineering rock stars.
  • Expand your own network of technology enthusiasts. Last year, we had Cisco Champions from 50 countries covering all architectures across the Cisco ecosystem.
  • Provide feedback on Cisco products and solutions (good, bad, anything else) through beta testing, message testing, focus groups, and our Webex Teams spaces.
  • Hone your blogging and podcasting skills through Cisco Champion Radio and engaging with your fellow influencers.
  • Receive “white glove” treatment at in-person Cisco Lives (whenever those return) with special keynote seating, whisper suite access, behind the scenes tours, etc.

The application period is open through January 23, 2021, but there is no better time than the present, so don’t delay. Apply today.

If you ever have a question, or simply just a comment, you can reach us at ciscochampions-pmo@cisco.com. We’re always happy to hear from you.


Amilee San Juan

Marketing Program Manager

Product & Solutions Marketing