It’s the New Year here at Cisco, at least from a fiscal perspective, and one of the most exciting projects we have completed this year within our Digital team is the updated version of the Cisco Mobile App!

The new Cisco App!
The new Cisco App!

If you haven’t already, you can download it through the iTunes Apps Store for iOS or Google Play for Android. The latest release of the App includes many upgrades including real-time Cisco news feeds, enhanced video capabilities and product updates.

As we march in to the New Year, we continue converging and standardizing our assortment of Digital tools. Specifically, we are very focused on Adobe AEM and Jive.

  • Adobe AEM – We continue expanding our use of Adobe AEM to manage our web properties like Cisco.com. The big news here is that we plan to start using AEM in a Cisco hosted hybrid cloud to also power our INTERNAL web properties.  As I alluded to in a blog post back in February, we are hoping to drive both content and process efficiencies from standardizing on a single platform for web in the the cloud.
  • Jive – Similar to AEM, we are already using Jive on many of our external communities and the new move is to use the same platform for our INTERNAL communities. Starting in September, we plan on using a Jive cloud service for internal Cisco communities. This will be on a limited basis to begin with, but we hope to expand the usage throughout the year.

I think there will be some interesting possibilities and benefits with integrating Jive Communities in to an AEM powered web experience. Social will become more and more integrated within the daily digital workflow on our web properties. Furthermore, by converging our platforms, we will put Customers, Partners and Employees in closer contact with each other.

Any large companies (10,000+ employees) that have either implemented both AEM and Jive or have implemented either one for both internal and external use interested in sharing best practices?  Let me know and let’s get together!


Mike Mitchell

Senior Director

Digital Services and Platforms