The team is excited, especially our FindIT Product Manager, David Harper for the announcement of his Network Monitoring and Management Platform.

But why?

Today’s market offers businesses a wide range of networking options. There’s more than a handful of ways to provide your business backbone with a robust routing, switching and wireless solution. It starts with a basic router with built-in switch and wireless access point: An all-in-one-solution that we have all probably owned at some point. And from there, the sky is the limit.


Once upon a time, you or your IT Network Administrator set-up the network and pretty much waited until something happened. Sometimes it goes well for a while, even years. But not always. Time spent diagnosing, troubleshooting, maybe even a rip and replace. If everything worked out well, rinse and repeat started. But if the “fix” happened to break something else… If you only could take a view of what was going on.


Cisco FindIT is a Network Monitoring and Management (NMM) platform for our Cisco 100-500 Series including the WAP Wireless Access Points, RV Series Routers, and 200 Series and up Switching.

FindIT Network Management is a subscription-based network services solution composed of two applications: Probe and Manager. The FindIT Probe resides on a on-premise local network. The FindIT Manager is able to reside anywhere including in the cloud as long as the probes can communicate with it.

The Cisco FindIT platform allows for network monitoring and management. You can remotely set-up, configure and deploy our products by pushing configuration files remotely. Access our products as if you were sitting, connected to the products physically, but literally from anywhere. Yes, you can create VLANs, VPN tunnels, configure wireless settings, tweak QoS settings, you name it, but from your own office chair.

Featuring an intuitive dashboard, reporting capability, maintenance, lifecycle management, firmware management, and a whole host of features, that make remote network monitoring and management a reality.


Whether you are an internal IT Team or a Managed Service Provider, or anything in-between, this is an attractive tool for any IT professional looking to help simplify the process of setting-up, deploying, configuring and managing networks.

We have long-heard that this visibility and clarity would make our products better. An improved user experience. One thing we know, managed services can and will be expanded providing for an opportunity to increase revenue through enhanced SLA’s, while saving time and expense.

Please take look at a short Video for Cisco FindIT.

For more information, go to cisco.com/go/findit.

Thanks for the time, and all the best,

Marc and the Cisco Business Team.



Marc Nagao

Product Manager

Small Business RV Series Routers