With any big purchase, cost is always a primary concern. That especially goes for something as important as your business’s technology solutions. So, how do you decide which Cisco products you need — and more importantly — with several pricing models available, how much should you spend?

Good news! We have some answers.

Think of the factors you consider when buying a house. Is the foundation sturdy and reliable? What about the interior setup? Are the rooms connected in a way that makes day-to-day chores easy? Is it made of quality materials that will provide a safe and secure home?

When purchasing a business solution, you should ask yourself similar questions. Will my network fully support my business’s needs? Do my employees have an easy and seamless way to connect and collaborate? Is my data safe and secure from prying eyes while allowing team members easy access?

Let’s focus on each of these concerns and walk you through the several pricing options we provide for Cisco products.

Choosing a WiFi Access Point for a Strong, Foundational Network

The ideal home should be built on a solid foundation. Similarly, a dependable network must include some foundational elements. Building a reliable network requires three things: a gateway router, a network switch, and access points.

A router connects to your business’s modem to give your team access to your network. But it’s crucial that businesses keep access secure. Bandwidth is precious! You don’t want sneaky WiFi hitchhikers jumping on the network to stream the latest blockbuster. For this reason, Cisco’s Meraki Go products provide secure gateway routers with firewall protection to keep unwanted guests out and provide network access for your team without needing a licensing fee.

Cisco offers two versions of our Meraki Go Router Firewalls: Standard and Plus. Our standard option is the perfect solution for in-office use. The Plus router, however, includes enhanced firewall security and VPN support, ideal for both remote work and businesses with multiple locations.

  • Meraki Go Router Firewall — $134*
  • Meraki Go Router Firewall Plus — $349

Your network switch connects to your gateway router to give you control over your bandwidth, ensuring your most essential devices stay connected. When choosing a network switch, flexibility is the name of the game! You want a solution that can scale with your company’s growth, allowing for new technology as the need arises.

Network switches can be classified in two ways: Standard and Power over Ethernet (PoE). Standard switches get their power the same way most home appliances do — through an electrical outlet. PoE switches allow power to travel through the ethernet cable. Overall, PoE switches provide reduced costs, better energy efficiency, and more adaptability because you can install them in areas where an electrical outlet is unavailable.

  • Meraki Go 8 Port Network Switch — $206
  • Meraki Go 8 Port POE Network Switch — $251
  • Meraki Go 24 Port Network Switch — $359
  • Meraki Go 24 Port POE Network Switch — $494
  • Meraki Go 48 Port Network Switch — $629
  • Meraki Go 48 Port POE Network Switch — $809

Finally, to make sure all your devices stay connected, you’ll want to install access points throughout the office. Remember that the wider physical coverage you need throughout your office, the more access points you’ll need to install. If you have a large office, install several access points inside and outside so your employees can stay connected no matter where they are in the building.

  • Meraki Go Indoor WiFi Access Point — $109
  • Meraki Go Outdoor WiFi Access Point — $149

Purchase a Virtual Meeting Platform to Connect and CollaborateWe live in an age where there are several options to connect and collaborate. Just as the perfect home should provide easy access to the kitchen, dining room, living rooms, and bedrooms, the perfect collaboration platform should seamlessly connect cloud calling, virtual conferences, direct messages, and more.

We designed Cisco Webex to be a seamless, all-in-one app that combines everything small businesses need to stay connected. Cloud-based calling, virtual meetings, and messaging are included, along with enhanced security to protect against digital threats. Best yet, all these features work together seamlessly to give your team flexibility and control when collaborating.

Pricing is dependent on your business’s needs and the size of your team. Pricing starts at $0 for basic functionality, but higher tiers include extended meeting lengths, premium calling, advanced security, and more. You can even have the ability to host webinars and hybrid events.

  • Basic (includes standard meetings up to 40 minutes, calls, messaging, and security) — FREE!
  • Business (includes premium meetings and calls, with standard messaging and security) — $22.50 per user per month

For more pricing information, you can visit our page to see all our options.

Keep your Network Safe with Cybersecurity Tools

An ideal home is your sanctuary. A place where you can feel safe and secure after a long day at work.

Your network should also include a safe and secure space for your team at work. Features like multi-factor authentication (MFA), remote access to computers, Single Sign-On (SSO), and more allow teams to communicate freely and safely.

However, while most homes are fixed locations, today’s work environments extend beyond your business’s walls. Teams need to be able to communicate from any device – anywhere, so your cybersecurity tools need to follow them wherever work takes them.

Cisco Duo offers zero trust security for your office and beyond. Whether you operate fully in-office, remotely, or take a hybrid approach, Cisco Duo has options for any scenario. Pricing will depend on your business’s needs and the size of your workforce, starting at $0 for companies up to 10 users.

  • Duo Free (Up to 10 users) — FREE!
  • Duo MFA — $3 per user per month
  • Duo Access — $6 per user per month
  • Duo Beyond — $9 per user per month

For more information on each of these, you can visit our pricing page to see the full breakdown.

Priced to Work For You

Just as a home should support your lifestyle, your technology solutions should support your business’s needs. Finding the right price means taking an inventory of your business goals and finding a price that meets those needs without cutting into your bottom line.

One thing we always recommend is working with a trusted partner. Just like you would hire a contractor to build your house, you should bring in a partner to set up/maintain your network. Partners bring a ton of value to the equation throughout the process – from product expertise, scale and even the potential to get you better pricing! If you don’t have a partner today, be sure to find one near you who fits your needs using our Partner Locator Tool.

Here is a quick checklist to follow:

  • Do your solutions support the size of your facility and your entire team?
  • How many devices will be connected to your network?
  • How is your workforce structured? In-office, remote or hybrid?
  • How is your team communicating and collaborating most? Meetings? Chat? Phone?
  • Does your data require extra security? Does your team need additional security for devices beyond the walls of your office?

Cisco products like Meraki, Webex, and Duo provide flexibility for companies of all sizes. Solutions are priced to fit your individual needs, so you never pay too much for features you don’t use. Learn which products are tailored to your business, and how much they cost, by visiting our product selector tool.



*All prices listed in this blog are based on United States MSRP. Pricing and availability of products may vary based on geography worldwide.


Ian Thompson

Leader, SMB Marketing

Americas Growth Marketing