Managed Service opportunity is growing as shifts in business models continue to elevate the relevance of Cisco Meraki and Umbrella to drive greater profitability. Over 53% of global Cisco partners have managed practices and 15% are from traditional resellers. (Source: Techaisle Channel Research Study, 2020

Cisco Commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a total Economic Impact (TEI) study and examine how MSP’s can benefit from building managed services practices around Cisco Meraki and Umbrella. The study provides readers a framework to evaluate potential impact of establishing and growing service offerings.

Key findings are both quantified and qualified. MSP’s both existing and new to Cisco face many challenges that lead them to add Meraki and Umbrella to their solution portfolios.

  • The won-deals growth rate increases from 15% for prior managed services to 30% for Meraki-and Umbrella- based managed services
  • Average deal size increases by 20% by Year 3
  • Managed Service gross margins more than double by Year 3
  • Meraki and Umbrella are industry leading products


Cisco’s Brand Strength

Decision-makers reported that being closely aligned with Cisco improves how prospects and existing customers perceive their companies and brands.
This has helped partners win deals and go upmarket in terms of size and solution complexity.

Meraki and Umbrella Product Quality

Interviewees view Cisco’s Meraki and Umbrella solutions as best-in-class in terms of performance and manageability. Partner decision-makers also said
that these solutions deliver many benefits to their customers, which is a good thing on its own and also makes the partner look good. This is especially
important for SMBs because they are often underserved in terms of end-to-end security.

Strong Channel Support For MSPs

All interviewees lauded Cisco for the support provided in both the sales and delivery areas. Partners view Cisco as one of the best vendors in terms of
channel programs and incentives as well as training. Interviewees also said that the distributors with which they work provide excellent service and
support when it comes to Meraki and Umbrella. This includes assisting in sales and solution design, solution deployment, and ongoing training. Visit site.


The value of flexibility is unique to each partner. There are multiple scenarios in which a partner might build a managed services practice around Meraki and Umbrella and realize future benefits.

Some of the example’s partners shared included:

  • Layering on Meraki or Umbrella if not already deploying both.
  • Expanding into new geographies and/or verticals.
  • Creating additional, premium support tiers.
  • Building out SOC capabilities to move more into the managed security services provider (MSSP) space.

Read the full report, view the infographic and get a custom report here.

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Cisco commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study and examine how MSPs can benefit from building managed services practices around Meraki and Umbrella. Jay McBain from Forrester will share the outcomes from this work, including a framework to evaluate the potential impact of establishing and growing service offerings around Cisco Meraki and Umbrella.This broadcast will be of interest to resellers and managed service providers who are interested in growing their managed services business, and those at Cisco who support and interact with these partners. An announcement with registration information is on the Partner News Hub for MSPs. Please encourage the appropriate partner audiences to join, and feel free to register and join yourself! You and your partners can register at this link.

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