Enterprises use Cisco ISE for securely granting access to visitors and on-boarding employee-owned devices over Wi-Fi. Portals for users to gain access are becoming more advanced, and the next step is for most customers to create a richer customized experience to:

Promote your brand to guests


Provide fresh information to employees


Advertise special events, promotions, and offers


While the latest guest capabilities in ISE, including a brand new portal design tool, provide a simple way to add a customized portal in minutes, a lot of companies want more advanced customization such as changing banners or adding “revolving” announcement updates on the fly. The problem is that most IT personnel are often overloaded with other projects or don’t have the expertise in advanced web design that includes knowledge of HTML, JAVA, and CSS to create and refresh these portals. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a way to create more professional looking and customized pages, but with a simple drag-and drop interface that bridges the gap between spending thousands of dollars in development and very basic portal building?

Why hasn’t anyone come up with a way to address that middle ground between complicated and expensive web design tools and/or contractors to go beyond simple portal building for guest access and onboarding mobile devices? Stay tuned!


Andrew Peters

Senior Manager for Product Marketing