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Why Cisco Is an Essential Partner in Cyber Ops: PART 2

September 14, 2016 - 3 Comments

Once an organization has deployed technology infrastructure that enables visibility into the network (discussed in the first part of this blog), that organization now requires the properly trained security personnel to bring that time to detection (TTD) down to acceptable levels and to respond appropriately to a security breach.

Once detected, a breach must be stopped, and the security team must then coordinate and launch an appropriate response. A CCTV system requires a security guard to review the footage and respond to a suspicious event. A burglar alarm won’t be effective without someone to connect it to the key card system, to the sensors attached to doors and windows, and to the local police for emergency response.

Deliver power to the people

Hiring people with absolutely the right security skills is one of the most effective security investments an organization can make. For example, if a company has a security technology with 1,000 features, and if the security staff only knows how to use only one percent of that, then the company is far less effective than it could be.

While some consider humans to be the weakest link in the security-chain, the right people can be one of the strongest points of a security program. Humans with the best training will be those who map the technology to maximize effective protection. No amount of security technology can do that by itself.

Cisco is funding the future of security

Cisco recognizes the need for security staff with these skills, and it has responded by announcing the new Cisco Certified Networking Associate (CCNA) certification for Cyber Ops. This certification prepares candidates to begin a career working with associate-level cybersecurity analysts within security operations centers. Those certified with the CCNA Cyber Ops will have the skills necessary to vigilantly monitor and manage security systems, responding to threats and becoming valued protectors of their organizations.

To further help fill this pipeline, we took it a big step further.

Cisco recently announced $10 million in cybersecurity scholarship awards to get more individuals into the cyber security market with the CCNA Cyber Ops certification. Now individuals who want to increase their career options can tap into this unprecedented resource and make huge steps forward in cybersecurity.

We invite you to become involved in the next generation of security evolution. Explore the resources below, and leave your thoughts in the comments section.

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  1. Looking forward to hearing feedback on the Cisco Cybersecurity scholarship for those of us that took the assessment at the end of October! Security is in high demand with networking and the Cybersecurity Specialist is a great addition to Cisco’s ever expanding educational database.

  2. …In 1999, we begin with the first CCNA (Ver. 2.12 – 2.14) class. With our success, the 1st of February of 2002, we’d celebrated at that time, the inauguration of the first Cisco’s Regional Networking Academy. In the following years, the opening of several Local Networking Academies as the direct result of the first achievement. Then came ver. 3.0, 4.0…up to this date, and CCNA evolves in different flavors, Wireless, VoIP, Security, Data Center, Cloud…and now Cyber Ops…That’s why is so important to keep the path of the broad suite of Cisco Certifications and Professional Levels. You are right, my students, many of them evolve to the CCIE, and they are proud to be part of Cisco’s Professional Community…Of course I’m very proud too. Thanks for this second part that motivates, other people’s goals.

  3. that’s right Tom!

    Me and some friends, and people i know are tuned in order to get and improve the skill on detecting these digital weapons and remediate those vulnerabilities…

    thanks Cisco!