Defending your organization against the number one threat vector

Email remains today’s number one threat vector for launching cyberattacks. Hybrid work, attacker sophistication, and the growing use of cloud applications and personal devices have combined to further increase this risk.

Threat actors are taking advantage of unsuspecting users by launching email-based attacks such as phishing, ransomware, business email compromise (BEC), and account takeovers. And the use of artificial intelligence (AI) enables attackers to make their communications even more convincing, raising the chances of your users falling victim.

Insider threats can also use email to send malware or confidential data outside the organization. Both inbound and outbound threats can significantly impact a company’s finances and reputation.

According to our recent Cybersecurity Readiness Index, four out of five security leaders believe that cybersecurity incidents are likely to disrupt their business over the next 12 to 24 months. As the number one attack vector, gaining more control over email security is vital for turning this tide.

Robust email protection for a new, hybrid world

As risks increase, Cisco continues to innovate in email security to help organizations remain cyber resilient. Modern threats require integrated solutions that work together as a cohesive system. Cisco Secure Email combines multi-layered detection and mitigation capabilities to quickly block known attacks and remediate new threats. It also provides unmatched visibility and insight into email-based risks to help with future prevention.

Coupling the industry-leading threat intelligence of Cisco Talos with AI and machine learning, Secure Email delivers a comprehensive solution for defending users, systems, and data from a wide range of attacks. Cisco Secure Email protects your organization on multiple fronts through capabilities including: end-to-end encryption, anti-phishing, data loss prevention (DLP), in-depth threat and URL analysis, and more. Additionally, it integrates with the entire Cisco Secure portfolio for more robust defense.

By operating alongside technologies like Cisco Secure Endpoint, Cisco Umbrella, and Cisco Duo, for example, the capabilities of Secure Email can be reinforced with strong endpoint protection, web security, and multi-factor authentication, respectively. Secure Email can safeguard on-premises, virtual, and cloud-based email deployments, as well as hybrid environments, providing the flexibility companies need to remain secure as they adapt to changing business requirements.

Gaining control of email security

The Elche City Council in Spain turned to Cisco Secure Email for improved email security to protect its citizens and businesses. The council accelerated its digital transformation plans in light of the pandemic to better serve the community. As a result, it needed to make sure its communications were safeguarded from spam, phishing, and ransomware.

Through the use of Cisco Secure Email, the city has enhanced visibility into its infrastructure, and prevents thousands of spam emails from being delivered each day. “We analyzed a multitude of email security solutions, but Cisco Secure Email is the only one that integrates with other solutions we have already implemented and which…allows us to give visibility to any problem related to email security globally,” said Josué Castillo Martín, Head of Technical Telecommunications at Elche City Council.

Cisco Secure Email was also chosen by Avit Group to defend its customers throughout Europe against spam, phishing, malware, and other email attacks. As a managed service provider for IT, Avit Group must deliver comprehensive, up-to-date security that can adapt to a constantly evolving threat landscape.

“With Cisco Secure Email, we now have full visibility on all outgoing and incoming messages, and a fully detailed historic message tracking capability. These advanced features have enabled us to switch from a reactive to a proactive approach.”
– Wouter Hindriks, Security Architect, Avit Group

Cisco Secure Email Threat Defense for Microsoft 365

As more companies move their email platforms to the cloud for enhanced performance and cost savings, they’re turning to Cisco Secure Email Threat Defense to bolster their Microsoft 365 security. Cisco Secure Email Threat Defense is cloud-native and fully integrated with Microsoft 365 for ultimate scalability and ease of deployment. The solution:

  • Leverages unique machine learning models to identify malicious techniques used in attacks targeting your organization
  • Derives unparalleled context for specific business risks
  • Provides searchable threat telemetry
  • Categorizes threats to understand which parts of your organization are most vulnerable to attack

Advanced threat categorization and visualization save security teams vast amounts of time locating and taking action to stop known, emerging, and targeted attacks in inbound, outbound, and internal messages. Additionally, Secure Email Threat Defense both strengthens and draws strength from the newly announced Cisco Extended Detection and Response (XDR) solution, designed to simplify security operations.

Through Cisco XDR, threat insights from the Cisco Secure portfolio and third-party integration partners can be collectively analyzed to gain a more holistic picture of risks across the web, network, endpoints, and email. Furthermore, Cisco XDR harnesses automation to quickly detect, quarantine, and mitigate attacks from a variety of vectors. This integration and automation results in more efficient processes and faster, more effective remediation.

As we progress our strategy, Cisco Secure Email Threat Defense and Cisco XDR will make up key components of the Cisco Security Cloud. The Cisco Security Cloud is a cloud-based platform that will safeguard users, devices, and applications across the entirety of an ecosystem, providing the level of protection organizations need in a hybrid, multi-cloud world.

Watch video: Cisco Secure Email Threat Defense Overview

Uplevel your security

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