In episode 11 of the Security Stories podcast we dive into the world of election security, with the help of Talos’ Director of Threat Intelligence, Matt Olney, and Cisco’s US public sector cybersecurity expert, Steve Caimi.

To quote fictional president Dr Josiah Bartlet, “Decisions are made by those who show up”. Protecting people’s right to show up and be heard is fundamental. That’s what this episode is all about.

After the Washington Post first reported in the summer of 2016  on how adversaries had breached servers for one of America’s two major national political parties, Talos initiated what would become a long-running and hands on investigation into election security issues.  This included watching one state plan an election in real-time.

Matt Olney Director of Threat Intelligence at Talos

These findings were ultimately published in a paper called ‘What to expect when you’re electing’, released last month. For the purpose of the podcast, Matt talks about the major reveals from the paper, and recalls his experience of venturing into deep levels of research into election security.

He also talks about how he perceives the situation to be in the run up to United States’ General Election in November.

We were able to talk to Matt for about an hour (and we could have talked to him for far longer) and it truly is a fascinating story with many lessons learned, and it’s an important reflection on where America stands now on election security.

Our second guest Steve has over 20 years experience in cybersecurity and has an in depth knowledge of industry best practices including the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, the NIST Risk Management Framework, and the MITRE ATTACK framework.

During the podcast Steve provides many recommendations for security practitioners in the context of election security.

Back in the virtual studio, Ben, Noureen and Hazel discuss their own personal experiences of voting in elections from their different corners of the world (the UK, Ireland and the United States).

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Hazel Burton

Global Cybersecurity Product Marketing Manager, Thought Leadership

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