With our recent acquisition of Duo, Cisco Firepower Next-Generation Firewalls work with Duo to give you the enhanced security your business requires today. Just as importantly, it addresses a concern we’re hearing more frequently from our customers: How to help an overwhelmed IT team.

Better network security in one, simple-to-use solution

Firepower next-generation firewalls prevent breaches, delivering better visibility to detect and stop threats faster, and automate your operations to save time and reduce complexity. It delivers broader control over the users, applications, devices, and vulnerabilities in your network.

Duo provides another layer of defense with multifactor authentication (MFA) that verifies user identify and establishes trust to guard your business from attacks due to stolen credentials. Simple to deploy and convenient to use, Duo gives you visibility into your remote users and their devices, creating a higher level of security for your AnyConnect VPN users.

This new solution creates a strong foundation for your remote workforce, which has never been more important.

Finding the right balance

Today’s speed of business requires round-the-clock access to business-critical information and applications. The challenge for your IT security staff is to maintain visibility and control without increased complexity.

The security risks get higher when you factor in the surge of sophisticated ransomware, phishing, and other social engineering attacks targeting your authorized users. How can you ensure that your business is protected without compromising employee productivity? And how can you do it without overburdening your security staff?

This is key. Every business wants to prevent security incidents and at the same time increase efficiency. With this easy to use solution, overwhelmed IT staff can focus on high-priority activities. Bottom line, it can help you achieve that balance between better security and productivity.

It’s better together

Cisco helps you tackle today’s toughest challenges.  Cisco Firepower, Duo, and AnyConnect provide better security in one, simple-to-use solution. It reduces complexity for IT staff, so they feel empowered and more effective.

To learn more about Cisco Firepower Next-Generation Firewalls with Duo Multi-Factor Authentication, check out our latest at a glance and watch the video below.


Christina Hausman

Product Marketing Manager