All the technology around us is meant to increase our productivity through tools and automation so that our quality of life can be improved. The reality can be very different, especially if you are an MSP.   There are so many factors affecting your quality of life like stress due to client emergencies, tight deadlines, unpredictable working hours or challenges at the end of the month for billing and invoicing with your customers. Above all getting ahead of breaches, staying ahead of hackers can all add to reduced quality of life.

I know that we cannot take away all the stress inducing factors for our MSPs, though that is our vision, but for now I want to talk about how we are making it easy for our MSPs to do business with MSP center and have an easier time managing their Cisco security products with MSP Hub.

MSP Center is our simplified, usage based post-paid buying model where you as an MSP can sign up once to get access to Security portfolio. There are no long forms to fill in, training requirements to pass through or chat with several sales reps to get access to the products. If your customer needs a security offer, you can provide it from our portfolio in a few minutes.

Once you sign up on, you get access to MSP Hub which as the name suggests is a dashboard for MSPs to manage all Security products, customers, billing and invoicing along with ecosystem integrations in a single pane. Several hundred partners are currently using the hub and are absolutely loving it. One of our partners remarked, “This is exactly the dashboard we want as an MSP, single pane of glass across all Cisco products for MSPs”.

I want to detail a few use cases which can save a lot of time for MSPs.

  • Customer Management – The customer management feature on MSP Hub streamlines the customer onboarding process for multiple products in a single place. The Bulk Import feature also lets our partners import their end customers easily saving multiple clicks and reducing mundane tasks for MSPs.

  • Billing and Invoicing – This feature enables easy access to historic billing, ability to change the payment information and a detailed breakdown of usages which in turn helps you as an MSP to reduce the man hours around invoicing the customer and resolving billing and invoicing issues. We also plan to build integrations which can further simplify your life.



  • Technical Integrations – We are simplifying how our Cisco Security products can easily integrate with ecosystem partners in a simple 3 click process. This will further save our MSPs from tedious and elaborate integrations. We are working with some of your favorite RMM vendors. Reach out to us to know more.

  • Apart from this, there is a simplified on-demand training portal that your sellers or engineers can use to sell and deploy the products easily.If you want to learn more, sign up at cisco.com/go/securemsp.

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Anjana Kambhampati

Product Leader, Growth and Strategy

Security Business Group