In our increasingly interconnected world, the Internet of Everything is making trust a critical element of how people use network-connected devices to work, play, live, and learn. The relentless rise in information security breaches underscores the deep need for enterprises to trust that their systems, data, business partners, customers, and citizens are safe.” – John N. Stewart, SVP and Chief Security and Trust Officer at Cisco

Trust and security is more important than ever before throughout the industry. Why aren’t customers explicitly demanding it be in all their IT systems? Why aren’t they demanding software developed with processes and technologies that drive security into all aspects of IT systems they buy? Why aren’t they demanding supply chain security and strong data protection? In short, why aren’t they demanding IT vendors produce more robust and secure solutions?

A trustworthy product integrates trust throughout the product lifecycle based on a transparent and open culture of the company, its policies, its processes, its supply chain and its partners. To underscore Cisco’s commitment to trustworthy policies, processes and technologies, we are launching the Trust and Transparency Center at Cisco Live. The Center is dedicated to providing the information, resources and answers to empower customers to demand security and trust be built into all of their IT systems.

To learn more about Cisco’s commitment to building trust and transparency into its business at every level, visit the Trust Center and NERV at booth #941 to explore the different ways Cisco is protecting its customers, services, solutions and data:

  • Supply Chain Security & Brand Protection

Cisco maintains a proactive and concerted effort to protect our customers from threats they may not even be aware of. This demo will reveal how we protect our customers from equipment of questionable origin and counterfeit, and how you can keep yourself and your network clear of these threats.

  • Cisco Secure Development Lifecycle

Cisco builds security into its solutions from the beginning of development and design through delivery and service. Continuous improvement in Cisco’s Secure Development Lifecycle includes product security baseline updates, updates in the threat model and new vulnerability testing. This demo will focus on each step of the lifecycle and talk about how these steps work together to strengthen the overall security of the product and, therefore, the infrastructure.

  • Trustworthy Visibility & Control

Trustworthy visibility is the process of monitoring key elements of the critical network infrastructure to determine if potential security risks or holes are present. This demo will show how we monitor the health of the booted image, the booted image as it resides in RAM, the running and startup configuration and the hardware configuration and secure boot measurements as part of an integrity assurance assessment. Additionally, changes to the integrity assessments can be detected and presented to the administrator for action. All of these monitors are used to present an overall “Assurance Level” score of the network device.

  • Network Emergency Response Vehicle (NERV)

Demonstrating Cisco’s corporate social responsibility through the various examples of our different disaster response engagements, the NERV (Network Emergency Response Vehicle) truck brings secure emergency communications, when they are needed the most, during acute phases of emergencies. Demos include the Cisco video surveillance solution; Cisco Telepresence, Cisco IPICS, IP telephony, wireless, network monitoring, collaboration and video streaming; and portable emergency communication kits. The Cisco team that responds to disasters around the world will staff the demos.

Trust must be built on evidence and facts provided by vendor transparency and visibility. Come visit us in booth 941 at Cisco Live to learn more about how we are enabling customers and partners to verify and validate our trustworthiness.


Anthony Grieco

SVP & Chief Security & Trust Officer

Security and Trust Organization