A core responsibility in my role at Cisco Security is guiding ecosystem partners through the Solution Partner Program, executing daily on the Open and Automated pillars of the Cisco Effective Cybersecurity strategy. Over the past few months, I have been working with TrapX Security, a global leader in deception-based advanced cyber-security defense to achieve the Cisco Compatible Certification. TrapX utilized the open architecture of Cisco security products for the successful integration of its DeceptionGrid technology with Cisco’s Identity Services Engine (ISE) Platform Exchange Grid (pxGrid) and Threat Grid. The integration provides immediate threat actor identification and rapid threat containment, as well as threat intelligence to be shared across Cisco’s security portfolio. The Cisco Compatible Certification now enables TrapX to be recognized as a Cisco Preferred Solution Partner.

The DeceptionGrid integration into Cisco ISE pxGrid and Threat Grid greatly expands the TrapX ecosystem for detection and response; by enabling Cisco Security to offer deception technology to our joint customers and providing actionable threat intelligence throughout our security portfolio of products. Cisco’s customers benefit with TrapX’s early detection capabilities for advanced threats, zero-day attacks and other sophisticated malware; as well as rapid containment capabilities that isolate the threats and effectively shut them down in real time. The threat intelligence obtained from DeceptionGrid integrations can then be shared with Cisco Security Technical Alliance partners; and across multiple Cisco platforms and devices in our security ecosystem, augmenting our overall customer value.

TrapX’s integration with ISE pxGrid and Threat Grid also enables our customers to use existing Cisco infrastructure to remediate threats once they’re identified and isolated; empowering users to get the most out of previous investments by relying on what’s already in their IT environment. This in turn leads to higher ROI, while also accelerating the process of threat remediation. Effective Security that is Simple, Open and Automated.

For more on the TrapX integrations please visit: http://cs.co/trapx

Also, the TrapX press release at: http://trapx.com/trapx-security-achieves-cisco-compatibility-certification-from-the-cisco-solution-partner-program/



Jessica Bair

Director, Cisco Secure Strategic Alliances

Advanced Threat Solutions