Cisco Investments has always been a forward-looking organization. We spend a great deal of time working to understand the evolving nature of current and future security threats, while fostering mutually beneficial relationships with the people and organizations that seek to counter those threats.

In 2021, we gathered insights from CISOs and leading industry executives, including venture capitalists to create this year’s CISO Survival Guide to Emerging Trends From the Startup Ecosystem.  We conducted a survey of over 100 security professionals for their opinions on a wide range of topics. The resulting CISO Survival Guide is a valuable, data-rich analysis that serves as a window into the future of information security startup capabilities in multiple categories. Continue reading the infographic to discover the top-five takeaways from the 2021 CISO Survival Guide.

Cisco CISO Survival Guide 2021 - Top 5 Key takeaways

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Cisco 2021 CISO Survival Guide to Emerging Trends From the Startup Ecosystem

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Janey Hoe

Vice President

Corporate Development