“Computers make excellent and efficient servants, but I have no wish to serve under them.”

The Star Trek fans amongst our readers may well recognise that Spock quote.  And it’s a line that I thought of whilst I was chatting to my latest guest on the Security Stories podcast, Gabriel Gumbs, Chief Innovation Officer at Spirion.

Gabe’s role is to lead the charge on where data security is going next, including how organizations can manage the risk of sensitive data, and how security operations centres will evolve to become even more privacy centric (he lovingly referred to it as the ‘SPOC’, hence the Star Trek reference).

During the podcast we also chat about Gabe’s career trajectory, from hacking portable devices at school. We also talk about how he’s been able to overcome personal fears of speaking in public.

Security Stories podcast
Security Stories Podcast

Also in this episode, we welcome Nigel Houghton from Talos and Wolf Goerlich, one of our advisory CISOs for Duo Security at Cisco, to talk about the impact COVID-19 has had on security operations and how teams can adapt in the future.

We also learn how Talos was able to transform itself into a entirely remote workforce in March, and the technical and non technical challenges that arose from that.  Finally Wolf talks about how organizations can modernise their security defences and take the path to passwordless.

To learn more about the path to passwordless, do have a read of Wolf’s paper ‘Passwordless: The Future of Authentication’

Episode time stamps

0.00 Intro
01:59  Interview with Gabriel Gumbs
32:47  Discuss on the future of security operations with Nigel Houghton and Wolf Goerlich
74:01  Closing remarks

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Hazel Burton

Global Cybersecurity Product Marketing Manager, Thought Leadership

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