This post was authored by Warren Mercer & Edmund Brumaghin


We had .locky, we had .odin and then we had .zepto but today we hit rock bottom and we now have Locky using .shit as their encrypted file extension. In today’s latest wave of spam, Talos has observed three distinct spam campaigns distributing the newest version of Locky ransomware. This comes after a seeming vacation for Locky for around two weeks. Using the LockyDump utility that was previously released by Talos, we were able to determine that there are distinct differences in the characteristics of the malware campaigns that seem to correlate with the Affiliate ID associated with the Locky binaries that are delivered by each campaign.

The technical details associated with the Locky ransomware family itself has been extensively documented and reported on, so we won’t spend time providing an in-depth technical analysis of the ransomware family itself. This post highlights some of the distinct characteristics that we have observed for each campaign. We will summarize all Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) at the end of this post.



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