Cisco Talos has discovered a new malware campaign based on a previously unknown family we’re calling “PoetRAT.” At this time, we do not believe this attack is associated with an already known threat actor. Our research shows the malware was distributed using URLs that mimic some Azerbaijan government domains, thus we believe the adversaries in this case want to target citizens of the country Azerbaijan, including private companies in the SCADA sector like wind turbine systems.The malware is distributed using URLs that mimic some Azerbaijan government domains. The droppers are Microsoft Word documents that deploy a Python-based remote access trojan (RAT). We named this malware PoetRAT due to the various references to William Shakespeare, an English poet and playwright. The RAT has all the standard features of this kind of malware, providing full control of the compromised system to the operation. For exfiltration, it uses FTP, which denotes an intention to transfer large amounts of data.

The campaign shows us that the operators manually pushed additional tools when they needed them on the compromised systems. We will describe a couple of these tools. The most interesting is a tool used to monitor the hard disk and exfiltrate data automatically. Besides these, there are keyloggers, browser-focused password stealers, camera control applications, and other generic password stealers.

In addition to the malware campaigns, the attacker performed phishing a campaign on the same infrastructure. This phishing website mimics the webmail of the Azerbaijan Government webmail infrastructure.

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