Talos has continued to observe ongoing attacks leveraging the use of JBoss exploits. Through our research efforts, we have identified an additional 600 or so compromised hosts which contain webshells due to adversaries compromising unpatched JBoss environments. In response to this, Talos has been working to notify victims of these compromised hosts so that appropriate remediation may take place.This blog post outlines the notification process and provides additional indicators which you can use to review your own JBoss environments, such as a list of the 500 most common webshells we have observed in the wild.

Why Did I Get Notified?

After identifying the IP address of the hosts with one or more webshells, we extracted the contact email addresses provided in the WHOIS record of the organizations identified as the owner. The notification email contains a link which you can use to view this information. We are sending notifications via email to all listed email addresses as we have found many organizations where the designated abuse contact email listed is no longer valid. By emailing all available contacts we maximize the chances of successful notification.




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