Executive Summary

The Foscam C1 is a webcam that is marketed for use in a variety of applications including home security monitoring. As an indoor webcam, it is designed to be set up inside of a building and features the ability to be accessed remotely via a web interface or from within a mobile application. Talos recently identified several vulnerabilities in the Foscam C1 camera that could be used by attackers for a variety of purposes including access and retrieval of sensitive information stored on the camera, execution of arbitrary commands within the camera’s operating system, and in several cases, completely compromise the device. As these cameras are commonly deployed in sensitive locations and used as baby monitors, security cameras, etc. it is recommended that affected devices be updated as quickly as possible to ensure that they are no longer vulnerable.

In accordance with our responsible disclosure policy, Talos has worked with Foscam to resolve these issues, which has resulted in the release of a firmware update addressing them.

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